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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Broken capillaries after throwing up??!!

Broken capillaries on your face....
Have you noticed it too?
Those little red marks that kind of resemble a rash on your face and maybe neck?
Freaking you out?

Don't worry!
It's pretty common actually :)
They heal over and your skin will bounce back.
Pretty simple.

**Now if you're Rosacea prone and this seems to have made it worse, it's time to find something for your skin topically and also boost your vitamin K intake (Just check with your Dr, midwife or dermatologist first). In fact, you may consider trying something like Juice Beauty's Antioxidant or Soothing serum to help calm your skin... Even if this is a new development this may help speed up healing time! Esp if you're not a fan of makeup and you'd like to remain going w/out.

I've been using the Antioxidant esp under my eyes as that seems to be my highest concentrated location. Cause not only does loosing your lunch dehydrate your body but what dehydrates your body dehydrates your skin, so this has really helped keep my eyes feeling dry and puffy. It can be used with an eye cream as well so don't be afraid to follow it up with your favorite!

These little blotchy spots are nothing new to me as any time I have the stomach flu they pop up. It's just with pregnancy and having such sensitive skin it seems to stand out more. No biggie, however annoying when you need to go out in public they do heal over in a couple days. 
(This is once you've stopped tossing cookies)

It's the pressure your body is using to expel whatever it was you ate that makes them get angry and sometimes burst or get inflamed. So don't worry, you're not alone. 

Try to stay as hydrated as possible!
Which isn't always easy when you're feeling yucky.
The last thing you want is to feel the start of dehydration on top of tummy blech...
Esp during the summer heat!
Sip water and alternate with some gatorade.
This is a HUGE help :)
This has been my favorite flavor of choice.

I've had a bumpy couple days cause I'm nearly 12 weeks and the baby has hit a growth spurt and whenever that happens and the hormone levels rise and my food likes to come back to bite me. 
Thus my noticing these little friends on my face saying hello again.
HOWEVER, I'm branching out and able eat a bigger variety so this is fabulous!!

There's really not much else to say cause it's common and your body will kick into healing mode and before you know if they'll be gone. Until then I use some concealer and powder so I don't look or feel so blotchy and that really helps! Esp since I've felt so lazy when applying my makeup.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Shannon <3 

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