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Friday, August 3, 2012

Got the dry throat woes?

Again, this too is common during pregnancy.
Who'd a thunk all these little oddities would pop up?
I mean.. I knew there were changes but some are just down right weird!

For several weeks now i've had this awful dry sensation in either my mouth or throat. 
And knowing a pregnant woman should drink a half a gallon at least each day this isn't the fix all either. If I would drink all that I swear I'd need to cure this dry throat/mouth issue I'd NEVER leave the bathroom!! I've done the whole non-stop drinking and I wasn't able to leave the house. 
It helped but def had a downside haha 

Another thing that comes with this dry throat woe is the fact morning sickness can also dry you out and thus a random gag reflex may come out of nowhere which is by far NOT attractive. Just saying.

Gum helps, cinnamon, peppermint or bubblegum to be exact. 
Not only do they help with nausea but they really help hydrate my mouth and throat. 

We have a humidifier but need to use it more often. 
Did great in prepping it each night before I got pregnant but now I'm so incredibly tired by 8:30 I'm spacing on getting it done. Heck I'm sleeping by 9 or 9:30!  

Salty foods make it worse even though salt is something I've come to want now...
(And I never used salt before, only on rare occasions.)
But realizing not only is salt (In moderation) needed during pregnancy it does help make foods easier to swallow if you're having a rough day. For example, my current craving is salt and vinegar chips.
And potato chips are one of those odd foods that sit fairly well when nothing else will.
So I just watch how much salt I use and that's not very hard.

I've found lozenges either work or they don't...

The most you can do is keep drinking, eat high moisture based foods, gum and or lozenges.
They say herbal teas safe for pregnant ladies but it's been too hot for those! 
Come fall and winter I will investigate my options...

Have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3 

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