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Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh the pickles of it all!

Just yesterday I simply HAD to have pickles!!

At first the idea of them made me want to run to the bathroom. It was sad.
I grew up on pickles so and was called the "pickle kid" (along with my sister) so I wasn't sure if I'd be repulsed my entire pregnancy or not. As I mentioned before, I can't eat ANYTHING Asian. Anything. Just the idea puts a lump of displeasure in my throat. I have always loved Asian food! 
The other day I mentioned pickles sounded good but I didn't give into the craving.. Yesterday I did.
I bought a whole jar a slices and ate over half yesterday and just finished them as a pre curser to the rest of my lunch! Ummm okay.... And I swear they've never tasted so good!! Pregnancy does weird things.  

Mom cut up some sort of mellon this morning and I've eaten over half of that!
I'm still fruit crazy and cant get enough of it, which is really good.
Fruit is my go to food when I can't decide what I want or if nothing wants to sit very well.
I eat a banana every night at around 4:30 a.m. which helps with the hungry pains and leg cramps due to the potassium. It's like clockwork that I'm up and needing to eat! I can go to bed full but my system digests food so quickly it doesn't hold me through the night. 
I'm also not a huge banana person and now they're a life saver!

And speaking of the night....

The baby has decided my bladder is a great place to hunker down on when it's time for me to try sleeping. So for the past 2 nights I've spent more time in the bathroom than I have getting shuteye. 
My poor husband will say "Again?!" and I will grunt something unintelligible back stating "yes..."
I hear it only gets worse.... Thrilled.

My hair has always been super soft but now it's like nothing I've ever felt!
I've had to use less oil to keep the frizz down and that's kinda cool.
Won't complain, I'm all for easy steps to getting ready these days.
Nails still grow at the same rate, fast.
Been that way since the TBI.

Touching quickly back on the food cravings...
There are mixed studies on why they happen and most say it's hormones or the body's way of telling you what you need most. There's nothing set in stone which is just another mystery we may never fully understand. The human body is a wondrous thing indeed!

That's it for now, I'm in a scatter-brained state and can't keep my head on anything but "shuffle."

Have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3

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