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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Stretch marks in odd places?

Here's something every pregnant woman doesn't want.
Stretch marks. 

I think there are better places to get them than others and that might sound really strange but it makes sense in a way. I say all of this because I've noticed a couple popping up in a very interesting place.

My bust.

I started off as a 34-36 C and am quickly growing past that!

I'm guessing all my prayers as a little girl as being a rather late bloomer and wanting some sorta bust is coming back to bite me? Don't get me wrong, I was pleased with the size I had before I got pregnant. I'm not terribly, terribly upset by this because if this is the only place they come I'll be thrilled beyond measure!! After all, the general public won't be seeing them haha my goodness. Genetics can play a part in these little buggers but that's not always the case; it's a key factor for some ladies though, so don't fret and beat yourself up if you're taking care of yourself and they still pop up.  I know mine are genetic based so there's really not much I can do other than hydrate my skin, take my vitamins, eat well and use good products. (i.e. Coconut oil, vitamin e lotion etc...) 

This could just be me but I highly doubt it...

After you're done lending your girls to the baby who's to say you can't treat yourself to some new bras and make them not only feel but look good once again? I told my husband I'll be needing/wanting some self-pampering after I decided breast feeding is done...He agreed and quickly mentioned it would be a nice way for me to treat myself. I think somebody wants to come with me when I do go. ;)

Yet another thing to prove there's a baby in the tummy, this little one is growing like a weed!
We find out this Friday the 28th what the baby is so we're pretty pumped :0D 

Have a wonderful, wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Foods that have saved my hungry pregnant tummy!

I must admit, this 2nd trimester is a ton easier to deal with the whole hunger thing vs the 1st!
I swear no matter how much I ate during the first I was NEVER full and always ready to make my break for the bathroom. So incredibly blessed to have that behind me! (I can't say it enough)

Just got back from the store with my Mom and was thinking over a few things and of course food was one of them. Though I'm not ravenous 24/7 like I used to be, I still get really hungry and on rare occasions there might be something I must have and can't stop thinking about till I get it. But that is rare, as I stated before I'm not going nuts with constant cravings. 
Which I find really odd considering how much I enjoy eating. haha 

There are some foods that have been a true hunger/tummy saver for me during this pregnancy and I thought I'd share a few and then kinda explain the value they have... 

Here are some of the foods that have saved my hungry pregnant tummy!

This is considered and energy food for pregnancy and is rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D.
Shockingly more than milk.
I go for brands that have the active cultures in it, it's a nice way to keep the body balanced.

Another energy based food but also very high in fiber as well as disease-fighting agents.
This fruit contains boron which is a wonderful little mineral that keeps you going.

(Or more like peanut butter for me):
It's a high calorie food and very filling, this also keeps you going.
Eating this helps keep you from running towards something you shouldn't eat.

These help maintain your digestive track which is healthy for everybody but esp to a pregnant woman.
They aid in reducing body cramping, depression and lower stress levels.

This cereal has a great system for calories needed, fiber, whole grains, vitamin B6 and much more.
It stays with you for a while so I've been eating a bowl each night before bed so my blood sugar doesn't drop. It helps and does exactly what I need it to.

Lemon/lime water:
Not only does this type of water make for a kick butt hydrator but it keeps the digestive track healthy.
A great anti-inflammatory and aid with respiratory health.
Wonderful for cancer prevention.
I have found I will drink more if I have lemon and or lime in my water.

Salads are a tasty way to get greens and veggies in you!
And you can add anything from meat, egg, cheese etc as extra goodies to boost you meal or side portion of your meal.

They are full of vitamin C (Yes, kind shocked to learn that one myself), good for of iron and copper as well as a buck load of other nutrition.

A carb based food that'll add some zing to your step so you can keep up with your other kids or job.
Has vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and low on the bad fats.

**I also add some salt to food now, or more so than I ever have before 
(And it's still not that much! I never used salt before only on select foods, very select.).
I learned in an article my midwife gave me that salt helps support the process of the new blood cells your body makes while pregnant. Thus a craving for a little more salt is noticed. 

These are my core num nums and of course I'm eating other foods but this is my staple stack.
They are easy to prep or not prep, fast to grab if I'm in a rush or really tired.
All around they keep me feeling good about grabbing something!

Yes, I cave and eat some junk but not much. I never like how I feel afterwards tho so that's always a great reminder to behave. That sluggish blah is never welcome, I'm tired enough as it is. ;)

That's about it for now, I'll leave you with that and be about my day as I have some minor cleaning to do and dinner to check on. We're making eggplant, pepper and spicy sausage tomato pasta sauce tonight! Makes me hungry just thinking of it....

Have a wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Diapers pt1

What are some of the first things you think of when you become pregnant or before you plan on getting pregnant? A few things come to mind right?

General cost
Doctor or midwife
Hospital or home birth
Formula or breast fed
Family history


I started pricing them before I got pregnant and about died.
I remember when my sister was born a case was $10 not $40!
I bought 2 cases already and have spent $80 on just 2... That's wrong.
What happens later on down the road when I need to buy more??
Eugh. Not the happiest thought.

I remembered the first family I was a nanny for and they used cloth diapers, that had my attention but I didn't think too much about it seeing as I was only 14 and only had to change the baby not clean the diapers. The mother refused to make me do it, she didn't want that on my shoulders as I chased her little guy all over the house. Which I really appreciated at the time. Still do. But I was always curious about the true difference each type made. For a time I thought cloth was nasty and not worth it.
Then the cost of disposable was brought to my attention years later...


When doing research I found an article (Which I lost and don't have to show you) that came from a family's perspective on disposable vs cloth. I was held by how they spoke of each, I found it very informative and valued their own sacrifice in trying both routs in order to come up with the cost/labor factors. In the end they said you can save up to $800+ a year if you use cloth!
That's some great savings if you ask me and my family friend who I spoke with yesterday agreed. They save money and if it's done right, also saves you time and energy.
I was informed you had to do laundry every day and I was like "Noooooo way!" and I didn't like the idea of the smell. Which she quickly showed me if you buy a certain bag (You only need 2) and you buy enough covers w/inserts you can wait for up to 5 days. Maybe even 7. This sold me!

The saving money,
The lack of smell in her house (And it had been 5 days),
The simplicity of it all and how the covers she bought grew with the infant,
Same concept with the inserts....

This is the website she had me look into and it's the only one she'll shop from unless she finds exactly what she wants on craigslist. And she said that can be tricky. But this site usually has fantastic sales!

Her favorite covers are and what I'll be purchasing:

I need to have her email me the inserts she loved more and the extra little guy you stick in for long road trips or night time sleeping...... I know she has both of the following but one is her FAVORITE!

Chinese fold

Indian fold

She also showed me how to make reusable baby wipes for cheap.
I LOVED this as well, not only are you saving more cash you're controlling the ingredients used on your baby's skin! I will save that for another blog tho ;)

All in all I want to provide my infant with the best care possible and save w/out scraping away at that. Loving and providing for your family is utterly priceless! I know I can't protect my baby from everything harmful out there cause it's not like we're back in the day where fresh food was always available and literally in your back yard. Products were taken from nature before disgusting chemicals and junk were added. Etc... I am looking for savvy ways to live and safer ways to provide some protection. Esp since there are some disposable diapers that leak harmful substances out while your little one is wearing them. On sensitive skin this may cause more diaper rashes and all the fun that can go with it. (That's not including diet and other factors)

Literally cloth diapers cost 1 tenth of what disposable do.
It could cost $66 a month for disposable...that's just in diapers. Yuck!
Remember, I bought 2 cases and that already cost me $80.00
(Guess what I'm returning asap...)

Finding the sales for cloth and having connections in knowing what's best really helps break down the cost. For instance, cotton babies is having a sale on the covers I want and I was told I need at least 12. Buying all 12 now would cost $111(and some odd cents) plus free shipping! That's cheap!

There are other tips and tricks I was told but need to email the family friend as I'm drawing a blank... But I know it saves time and more money. I'll have to write another blog updating you on how i'm planning my adventure in cloth diapering, we'll call this Diapers pt1

I'm pretty excited to start this next step in gathering more baby items :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Feeling" Pregnant!

Loving me some fall weather, makes me feel less sluggish!! 

Also because, I'm finally sleeping on a steady basis now vs before when I wasn't sleeping at all. That was pure hell! I'm somebody that if I don't get sleep I seriously can't function.
What caused my lack of sleep?
One of those "Feeling" pregnant things, congestion.
Mine has the tendency to be so awful I simply can't breathe and when I try to sleep with my mouth open (Which, let's face it... Not attractive!) I'd wake up coughing due to the "dry throat woes" I mentioned before in an earlier blog. I tried sleeping on an incline and that wasn't good and the idea of taking something just wasn't on my list of options. So I found Breathe Right Strips and they have been my saving grace!! I've been sleeping and it's glorious.

Another "Feeling" pregnant thing I've noticed is the fact my gums and nose have been bleeding some...
In the 5th month there's such and increase of blood to those areas of the body that you might experience such things. Sometimes I'll spit out a mouth full of blood and I was brushing with a soft tooth brush and being gentle. My dentist has assured me my gums are healthy and my teeth are looking great considering how much a threw up. This was good to hear.

"Feeling" pregnant has come in the form of my ever growing bust size!
I seriously didn't think they'd get this big and to now find it difficult to cross my arms and grab either side of my shirt and to take it off... Very interesting. Adding insult to injury nursing bras are still not as comfy as my JCP or Victoria Secret ones. (Which I'm missing terribly btw!)
It's already looking like I'll be needing to buy another size in my sports bras as well. 
(I've done this once already.)

There are sometimes random pains that I've talked about before that change as you get bigger.
These pains can either make you stop and take a moment, or they don't phase you what so ever.
Most of the time it's the second, I don't think much of it and I can keep doing whatever I was up to.
Nothing has truly alarmed me, only once did I second guess what was going on.
You do get used to this in the long run. It's really not a big deal, just another daily thing.
A newer pregnant "Feeling" is the stretching of my abdominals, this simply feels like I've killed myself on a workout. I have a thick abdominal wall and it made for what I thought was a cute and toned tummy pre pregnancy. This is proving to feel really weird some days! Yet, kinda cool.

Food cravings haven't been ANYTHING like I thought they would be.
I'm pretty neutral and might think of something I HAVE to have but most days I'll simply try to be balanced and eat what sounds best. There are still days that I can't or refuse to eat certain foods.
 What's annoying I guess is when I'm so tired I have to force myself to eat cause that usually means I'm slightly nauseated from my lack of energy. But I always make due :) Hello Cheerios! 

My skin has def decided it "Feels" pregnant!
It's cleared up in areas and looks amazing.
While a few select places that indicate hormone activity is high don't always like to behave...
Here's a DIY blog I wrote on my new cleaning system that has REALLY helped!!
Also drinking plenty of water and taking my vitamins have been a great perk.
My water of choice is fresh lemon & lime.

There are so many other things my body is doing at this stage of pregnancy and each thing is different and gets my attention in different ways. i.e. The baby's movements becoming stronger as the weeks go by!!! Like little rollings or swishes in your gut. So cool!!!

I could go on some more but really need to get something to eat for a hungry husband and a hungry me.
Have a wonderful day!

Shannon <3 

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pregnancy and Body Image.

(I wrote this blog a day or so back and decided to sit down and finally finish it :)

It's a quiet day here at the house and I'm quite tired...

The emotional state of these goofy hormones can throw you for a loop.
This morning I felt very off...
Kinda got mad at my husband for something really stupid and he kept asking me what was wrong.
He can see right through me I swear.

My darling husband knew my hormones were going nuts and he pressed to see what was really bugging me. I started to cry a little and felt stupid in doing so. I've been so incredibly tired this entire pregnancy or feeling sick, (At the start) I've had hardly the physical strength/energy to workout and I used to workout 3 to 5 days a week. I would hike, lift weights, use my body weight, stretch etc...

I was feeling a little blah in the self image department... However my husband continues to see me in a very different light. He sees me as not only perfect and growing as our baby changes inside me each passing month, but he finds this stage in our lives to be very exciting. He has NEVER once had a negative comment and is daily telling me how gorgeous I am.

Am I blessed or what?

But over the last week I've noticed the pregnancy weight (However healthy it is) in a different light.
In this "light" I needed to realize it's my worn out state and I'm bound to see things in a clouded haze.
Not quite reality.

But we've all experienced this before haven't we?

My husband has vowed to help me start working out on a regular basis again when he's home in the mornings. I told him I need his presence and motivation to help me. I know he'll keep to his word.
We worked out today and that helped me, a lot!

Working out for 10 to 30 min when pregnant is not only good for you and good time limits to set so you don't over do it. (I would hit it hard before the baby came into the picture...) But it's enough to feel great and know you're still taking care of yourself! Lower impact exercises feel wonderful and a pilates ball is soon to become an even closer friend of yours. (It's heaven on the back and lower body! And will be a Godsend from what I hear when labor hits...) Just make sure to stay hydrated and energized with a meal before and after. This will prevent any risk of feeling overly worn out or even feeling sick. 

It's great to have an amazing support system and I think every pregnant woman needs that!
Esp when she's tired and feeling kinda loopy in her thoughts. ;)

Feeling much better now I see my lack of sleep had finally caught up to me and I needed to be smacked back to reality. I am blessed to be so loved. As are all of you!

Hug 'n Kisses,
Shannon <3

Romans 8:37-39 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Your baby shower: Chew on this...

True, it may be a bit early to be thinking of the baby shower but I'm too excited not to!

That being said...

There are things that need to be communicated to whomever will be planning your event for you. I believe it's important to voice concerns and/or wishes, this is after all for you, your husband and your coming baby! There are 2 topics I'd like to cover in this blog and they are as follows...

The guest list.

1. You have the people you really want, and will invite.

2. The people you have to invite that you may not be close to but they may be close to your parents.
(This area you do have play room but it's a matter of choosing the people you know as well. This is not an event for strangers.) 

To have kids or not to have kids?
All of this of course depends on...

 1.The location it's being held.

2. How many guests you end up inviting and how many kids they have in their family.

3. Are those kids well behaved?

4. Do you want to risk the distraction and possible disruption of the party?

**These are two key things I think you as the guest of honer need to ponder over, unless you're okay with whatever. That's cool too!

I come from a vast social circle and the list could get very big, very quickly! 
I don't really want that, I'd prefer something a little more intimate.
I plan on giving the hostess a pre-made list of people I'd like there. :)

I have also decided I don't want kids there.
The space I know won't be very big and I'm wanting the cost to stay in a reasonable range. I don't see the need for lots of money to be spent. This may be an unpopular thing to think when it comes to not wanting children there but I've seen plenty of mom's on message boards who agree and have voiced the same. Remember, the idea is to keep stress off your hostess, her comfort level should be a concern  to you. If she's stressed, you'll probably be stressed. You don't need that!
Now there also needs to be understanding for the friend who can't find a sitter and still REALLY wants to come, because you REALLY want her there! At that point you make sure they understand there won't be entertainment for their kiddo and they'll need to be kept occupied. You might be cool with having kids there, and that's great! Might fit with what's being planned...
Just know you do have the final say.

How do you word an invitation when it comes to saying no kids??

"This will be an adult only event, so kindly leave your children at home. Thank you!"

"Due to lack of space and cost we're asking no children be brought. Thank you!"

"We won't be having entertainment for the kiddos, adults only please. Thank you!"

Those are a few ideas and they can always be tweaked to fit better with however your invite is set up. Make sure to talk to your hostess and explain what you're feeling, she'll be able to help! The last thing you want to do is insult somebody but you also want it comfortable for you.

Whatever you decide, just make sure the lines of communication are wide open and you're careful at how things are worded so nobody gets insulted. That's the last thing you want to do!
And talk about who you want on the guest list... Do you want a small event or a bigger one?
Not internalizing and talking with the hostess will help take that burden off your shoulders!

Be blessed and remember to relax,
Shannon <3