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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reading books while pregnant...

I've been cautioned about this from the time I was a little girl via my mother....

It's great to be informed is it not?

But is there such a thing as too much information when you're pregnant?

My answer would be yes!

There's a book in particular I'm thinking of... Now this book is quite popular and probably one of the scariest books you could possibly read while pregnant. "What to expect when you're expecting"

When I worked at Motherhood Maternity I had ladies tell me how awful that book was time and time again. They said if they didn't have fears before they certainly did now. 
And if they had fears already it made them a wreck! 
Nice to hear huh?

After my midwife asked me if I wanted to do any reading I told her I was leery and she knew why...
She said that book is probably the worst pregnancy book out there and would suggest other books to read other than that one. She's said any fear you may or may not have you will indeed get.

Enough said.

Plus I had looked it over when I worked at MM and decided NOPE already.

I am however reading/glossing over a book called 
"The pregnancy book" 
by William Sears, M.D, and Martha Sears, R.N.

So far this does a great job at giving you a month by month, week by week gem of information about you and your baby (Kind of like Plus it covers a whole list of other things that are/will be handy later on down the road. (i.e. Labor aid, knowing the risks of hospital pain methods and at home methods etc...)

Now I won't read the entire thing because there are somethings I know I can have my midwife answer. 
Esp since every pregnancy is in fact different (Which they state) and I want to develop a mind of my own with my pregnancy. Not the mind of somebody else. You are a strong woman, dig deep into the instincts God gave you and see what He's telling you while you're pregnant. You'll be shocked...

Did you know: 
After you've delivered your baby they should be at the breast within 15-30 min? 
Yup, the infant needs encouragement in feeding shortly after birth. 
This is not only key for mother and baby's health but it's key for proper mother and baby bonding. 
Makes sense why they say save your energy. (They cover how to do that as well.)

Yes, I read ahead.
Shame, shame....

But I have this insane curiosity about labor and birth!
Always have.

If I've heard one horror story I've heard a thousand haha
(Working in a maternity store will get ya that)
I'm not worried and have chosen not to let those stories effect me.
For whatever reason they had a bad experience and I'm believing for the clear opposite.
(God has a way of bringing peace if you let Him...)

That reminds me of this WONDERFUL documentary I watched before my husband and I were even married called "Pregnant in America" It's brilliant and I recommend it to ANY couple or mother who's wanting to/about to have a baby. It's the kind of information I value and found useful vs something to freak me out. This guy and his wife who put it together did a fantastic, fantastic job! 
(I found it on Netflix.)

I should probably be off now as I'm still hungry and have a fussy stomach this morning so I better find something that will make it happy. It didn't seem to like grapes very much....

Shannon <3 


  1. Yup, that's true. While pregnant, a mother must always hear/read positive information about her pregnancy. Try not to think too much about the pain it can cause you, or the negative emotions that you can feel within the 9 months. Always have the positive attitude to avoid emotional setbacks, okay?

    Chelsea Leis

  2. Thanks for the comment Chelsea! I do have my off moments and am very quickly reminded that having a life growing inside me is more precious than any unproductive thought, I can't wait to meet this little person!! Wonderful to hear from you :)