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Monday, August 6, 2012

12 weeks pregnant!

I've been aching for this week to come near!
I've decided where as I've learned a lot from this first trimester I'm happy to be saying goodbye.
Not too much change in the bump from 10 weeks till now but there is a slight difference...

Like taking a medication for an infection such as strep throat there are always those odd side effects that few people will get. I happen to be one of those "special" people that do... If it's in the fine print most likely I'll get it. My mother is the exact same way, thus it never came as a shock to her when I was growing up. But she never got as many symptoms as I've had with this pregnancy as she did with her own so this is a shock for her. Which I can understand why, even though I am a different person.
I understand her confusion. I had deep confusion of my own at first!

Until we pin pointed a lot of the intensity stemming from the TBI...

My body has been very, very sensitive to hormonal changes since that accident and whatever happens in my body seems to feel magnified because my brain isn't sure how to interpret what's going on. 
Esp since when my accident happen I was not only smacked on the R side of my head but the impact was so great it threw my head back and I hit the base near my spine as well. This in turn caused a permanent and very odd fluctuation of my serotonin and norepinephrine levels. 
Along with a few other things that have stuck around and they aren't always noticeable but they do come and go. It's something I've accepted and have learned to live with, even on the bad days.

Having an amazing support system with my husband, family and friends is something I could never ever replace! And the relationship I have with God is what keeps me continually strong, so I'm never at a loss. :) I will always be able to live the life I was intended to! For that, I am grateful.

But back to the pregnancy stuff...

I've noticed a change in what I'm feeling and it had me trying to figure out what the heck was going on? I had started to feel insanely dizzy, headaches off and on, it's harder to stay hydrated now.. I think I mentioned that part already? (Oh and brain function? haha What's that??)
Come to learn these are sometimes what you feel as your morning sickness starts to die off, and mine seems to be trying so very hard to go away. And it can keep doing that. ;) 

But even with all of that,  you wanna know something?

There's something so exciting about this baby that it keeps me going!! My good days have been great and the bad days have been pretty bad (You kinda feel like it's the never ending flu and you can't take anything to ease the symptoms.) But the growing thought of this baby tickles me pink... I can't wait!!

To help with these new symptoms:

 1. I try to drink more water and that also includes juice as well, I'm also trying to introduce more milk seeing as before it was a huge no for my stomach. So far, so good. 

2. I'm trying to do a little more around the house when I feel energized and I rest when I feel dizzy or sleepy. Sometimes I even get a nap in. (The desire for has has died down some because my energy levels are changing again.)

3. Since I'm able to start eating more I try to eat bigger but not HUGE portions. Or I'll snack every 2 hours like before. This does help, esp since I still can't eat a whole lot in one sitting.
A side note:
I find that if it's something I've wanted I can eat more vs something that doesn't sound terrible but not wonderful at the same time. It's really weird!
There are also things that just flat out sounds nasty, such as Asian food.
(I and I love me some good Asian food, but right now... NO.)

4. I also try not to do too many things that involve a lot of bending over.
i.e. cleaning the shower/tub

Things I've noticed changing (even more):

1. My waist line is by far thicker than it was before! I'm finding that wearing some of my regular underwear is just not comfortable as it cuts into my sides and does that awful pulling it up over the butt giving you the undesired "wedgy." Even though my bottom hasn't done any changing really, it's aaaaalllll in my waist.  So this also has meant no more regular jeans. Heck even some of my sweats and other soft pants don't fit my waist line anymore... Never knew I had such a tiny waist. Wow!

2. I've officially, officially grown out of wearing underwire bras... That translates into all of what I own minus one; and even that one kills me after several hours. Sports bras have been amazing at night and I do believe it's time to go shopping for some new day bras.

3. My sleep patterns are really weird! The book I've been glossing over has stated some ladies experience different sleep patterns because their bodies are working 24/7 to create this little life. Makes sense to me, it's just taken some serious adjusting time since I'm one that has difficulty functioning on little sleep, I seem to be making due in the long run.
Just need to take naps when I feel that sudden drop in energy.

What I find interesting about pregnancy is some ladies feel their bodies changing others hardly notice until they reach that "whale-like" stage. It's a curious thing isn't it? I'm truly fascinated by this....

Anyway, I should probably get going... I have a husband who needs to eat before he goes to work!

Shannon <3

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  1. Too cute about your expanding waist! Your waist has always been quite tiny! I can only imagine how a baby and all that is growing down there has just kind of exploded you out of your clothing. That must be such an odd feeling, but I'm glad you accept it and welcome it with such grace.