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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Allergies+Rhinitis Pregnancy?


I swear if my congestion doesn't let up soon my poor husband will never sleep (and neither will I).
He keeps telling me I sniff all night long, this I know as I am usually up blowing my goofy nose more than I care to count. I've tried sleeping on an incline and that doesn't last more than 20 to 30 min and boom, I'm awake.

I guess allergies can get worse when pregnant and then you have the possible symptom of Rhinitis Pregnancy on top of that. Makes for a heck of a time breathing! The upside to this is I know I'm not sick, I feel fine other than this awful sneezing, itchy eyes & nose plus congestion. 
Oh and did I mention that there's a ton of drainage some days? (Yes, gross!!) 
You can suddenly loose your appetite. 
Gee, I wonder why?

An increased amount of Estrogen can cause swelling of the nasal membranes therefore making your nose stuffy and congested. Hormonal changes don't help either. And if you're allergy prone already there's the chance it'll get worse before better. All the rapid changes in your body throws it for a loop. 
Thus water being SO important!

I do admit it's a blast trying to decide which is more important...

Chewing or breathing.

I plan on looking to see if there's anything I can do to help my nose/breathing situation seeing as being pregnant I can't take my regular allergy stuff. I know some nose drops and/or sprays can be safe, it's just a matter of finding out which ones. I see my midwife next week and I'll ask her then.

Hope you're having an easier time breathing than I am ;0P

Shannon <3 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Vaccinations: Do or Do Not?

This is something I've been doing research on and it's quite dizzying...

My husband and I are trying to decided if and when will we ever get our baby vaccinated.
Not a small choice to make.
We want to be responsible about this but find ourselves being torn in two directions!

No, study can firmly say any disorder or deadly condition is directly caused but having your child immunized. But then again the pendulum can also be swung the other way. Everything we've been reading is so one sided, go figure. But it's all about taking things with a grain of salt isn't it? 

I wish I could say I had a medical professional we trusted to talk to, I do trust my chiropractor and his wife as well as my midwife. But as to a medical professional of any other kind? That's tricky.... I've spent more time proving doctors wrong then they have proved me wrong. 
That's not said as a brag but as a genuine concern! 
We aren't super set one way or another yet but would like to gain insight before the baby comes and I are praying for a pediatrician we can trust with our baby. Only natural I think. :)

There's also the method of picking and choosing what you want your child vaccinated for too.
My first thought is one for tetanus... I know the energetic and adventurous of a child I was as well as my husband. I don't want to take any risks there that's for sure, and possibly the hepatitis series? After all that's a common thing for people to carry these days and have yourself exposed to. 

(Here's what the CDC says)

I'm planning to meet up with my chiropractors's wife to talk about this more.
My midwife is very delicate when speaking of such things because she believes it's a very personal choice. She offers books to read and other info but really wants to leave it up to the couple. 
I respect that!

(And here's what says)

So this is something we're still on the fence over...
I trust and know God will bring clarity, so much prayer will be going into this as well.

Well, those are my thoughts so far. 
Most likely will have some others on this topic at another point in time.

Shannon <3 

Maternity fashion!!

Working at Motherhood Maternity was an eyeopener, a good one.

I saw various types of mother's, and their shopping needs were just are vast!

One mother spent thousands of $$ on her clothes, this made my head spin... Why on earth do you need to spend THAT much?! You won't be wearing these clothes forever.
Another may have only spent a very small amount because she refused to actually wear maternity.
Again, I just don't get it. However, depending on how your body develops may in fact depend on what you may or may not need.


I never needed one of those "Belly bands"
I went from my regular jeans to maternity jeans.

But there's a line where considering the cost of everything (And I mean everything!) needs to be brought into perspective...I went over this prior to pregnancy and right after I found out. 
All those costs start to add up and that's on top of your regular monthly purchasing! 
haha Yaaaaaay.
(But very exciting :)
There's a way to look at these future months with a frugal mind and it will help ease the stress of buying clothes. Cause let's face it, clothes aren't cheap these days, I'm glad I sat back to think and listen when I was working at Motherhood. It's paying off and I love it!

Regarding your current or future needs:

1. Do you have any friends who are the same size and still have their maternity clothing?
Ask to borrow some items, this will be a HUGE help from the start!

2. What do you do for work?
You can alternate 2 pairs of dress slacks, 2 skirts and a couple dresses if you need to dress professional.
Observe the shirts that will shockingly fit that you already own and/or buy some things that can be alternated and use your creativity to mix an match. Scarves and jewelry help make an outfit look different and can help change your outlook on what you're wearing.

3. Jeans, how many pairs?
In reality, if your sales help is good she will find you a size that will fit full term and if not you may need to adjust in the last 2 months...Maybe. If you live in jeans like me you'll probably want 3 or 4 pairs. You can wear 2 pairs per week if you don't stay in them ALL day long. 

4. Yoga pants and basic shirts?
These will probably be your friend when at home!
Some ladies can wear the same size all pregnancy, then that's awesome.
If your waist is growing but your booty isn't (Like mine) then you may want to invest in 3 or 4 pairs of pants. Fat bands or draw string feel amazing!! A handful of shirts works just fine. Again, check to see what will fit you most of your pregnancy if not full term in what you already own. But you will probably need to buy at least some... Try to find cute styles that can be worn with anything as well as the super basic stuff!

** If you like leggings, invest in at least 2 pair that fit with your lifestyle!

5. Pinterest ideas?
Enough said :)

6. Goodwill shopping?
Yes, I found brand new maternity clothes for dirt cheap! This allows the fashion loving lady who wants a few more options but also wants to keep it to a budget. It's glorious!

7. Bras and underwear??
Ugh, yes.
My least favorite...

Underwear, find what you're comfy with and go for it!

Bras, there's a trick to keeping you from pulling your hair out...
Rule of thumb is you need to be able to fit 4 to 5 fingers in the cup comfortably to allow room for growth and future milk. The back hooks should either fit comfortably on the 3rd or 2nd hook to allow room for ribcage expansion. And if there's a cup to ribcage issue like with me there are bra hook extenders that make the world a sweeter place. The straps should be hiked up high enough to also allow room for all the changes you most likely will experience. And for sleeping in, sports bras for pre baby and post baby 2 designed for sleeping/nursing is the general thought. One to wear, one to wash. However buying 4 if you tend to leak isn't such a bad idea either!

8. Shoes?
I was told to not wear my heels :(
So sad but I do understand....You're off balance and it can pose a potential danger if you fall. Esp if you're a pregnant and experience dizzy spells. (Like me)
I actually got rid of my pumps months ago so I'm stuck with mostly flats. 
I don't feel like spending money on a new pair so I'll survive. ;) 
Invest in good supports to slip into your shoes! This will save your hips, knees and back.
I know this only because I was in a car wreck last year (was hit from behind) and my back still isn't up to pare. This saved me a ton during my holiday position as Macy's!!

9. Allow for those few special clothing items you've always wanted?
Ummm yes!
I really wanted to be pregnant during the fall/holiday season and my dream has come true.
I had my eye on a few "splurges" when working at Motherhood and really look forward to the couple items when they come out!! I will still stay in budget but I will also be pampering myself with those couple "Must have" items that I may not esp "need."

**There are two types of ladies who are out shopping for this new and exciting season of life...
(Or at least that i've noticed most of the time.)
Both types will shop alone or with friends/family. But don't we do that even when we're not pregnant?
Of course!

A. The first lady knows exactly what she wants or has a pretty good idea and may or may not want some help from a sales associate while shopping. This lady is fashion forward and has been planning her pregnancy clothing just as she's dreamed of what the nursery will one day look like. In today's world of clothing options she will undoubtably walk away very satisfied! 

B. The second lady feels somewhat lost and will be open about wanting some support or will suffer in silence. The sales help should have a keen eye set for this and have compassion for her. She desires to feel attractive but may not want to spend as much money as somebody who's got it all planned out. All she wants is to have somebody by her side to show her that she can look fabulous at every stage of this journey! She might be a little more basic but isn't past trying something with a little sass for the hubs and some future date nights. Once this shopper has found something she likes and knows it looks good it will brighten her day and add a spring to her step!

I truly miss working there and being a part of all of that interaction with the customers... 
Went shopping at Motherhood for bras the other day and was having trouble letting them help me because I was so used to doing it myself for the shoppers. haha The sales associate I had was wonderful though, I will be going back to have her work with me again when my goodies I'm waiting for come in.

Pretty sure I've gone on long enough and probably should get about my day!

I will try to start posting what I'm wearing now that I've really popped and you can see how/what I'm up to clothing wise. I'm already past wearing most of my basic T's and need maternity ones. 
Unless it's a big 'ol baggy thing. ;)

Shannon <3 

Friday, August 24, 2012

"When can we come see the baby???"

"When can we come see you and the baby???"

Most likely to be the most heard question after you give birth...

I mean, c'mon, who doesn't want to see a new born baby???


Here are a couple questions for you as the mother and/or father:

1. What are you comfortable with?

2. Do you feel okay with visiter's right away or is it something you feel pressured to do?

3. Have you considered if it's what's best for both you and baby?

4. Have you researched how long it takes a baby's immune system to fully develop once born?

5. What time or year is it and will there be a risk for illness?

6. How much help, is too much help?

These are questions I believe every parent should ask themselves.
Thanks to my amazing mother I learned why these are key :)

Not only do you and your husband need to bond with this baby, but you need to get into a grove to start raising this precious gift. It's a wonderful intimate time for you as a family!

Consider this: 

Lack of sleep,
Lack of personal time,
Lack of many things...

When is it okay to say that two letter word, "No."

It all comes down to once again, what fits you and your lifestyle best?

If you want people over then that's cool and if not, then say something!

**Did you know it takes 4 to 6 weeks for a baby's immune system to be built up?

Now I understand there's controversy in wether having visitors over will help the immune system improve faster vs not. But with all of these super bugs and yuck out there why take a chance?
This isn't about being paranoid. It's about understanding how this world isn't what it was for your parents. My mom and dad thought this way 25 years back when they had me, in thinking/doing so they did a very unpopular thing...They kept things low key for my sister and myself for 4 weeks after they had us. This meant, no visitors. Sound popular? Nooooooooope!

My husband and I are thinking along the same lines and will most likely hold to it.. Esp with me being due during flu season. (And this year's flu season is said to bring Whooping cough around at very dangerous levels.) We realize it's not the most sought after choice because people are eager to meet the little bundle, but we also have to consider the time of year and all that entails. Like my parents, the baby will probably only leave for doctor visits and nothing more. Our premise is more based off of wanting some time to adjust. We will want some serious down time after and in that we're following my parents example. They don't regret it and they have talked to us about this and they support us in making the same choice. Not that they wouldn't have if we decided something else. Cause they would.

Meals you may ask?:

1. There are wonderful meals you can make and freeze a month or so in advance. 
(Can you say hello pinterest?? haha)

2. Pick a small handful of people to help.

3. You really don't need many meals, part of getting back into the swing of things is cooking again.
(Yet, another thing I learned from my mother! But there are also times when longer help is needed if delivery rough.)

There may be a thought bouncing around your head that I didn't touch on...

"Why not get the baby's vaccinations!"

This is a whole other blog for another time.
There's yet another controversy within this topic and it's one you can't write out in a few lines. 
My husband and I have mixed emotions about this, vaccinations have changed and there are dangers that require a deep thought process before stepping out onto that platform. We plan on talking this over with our midwife as well as doing our own research.
For another time.
Another blog.

We grow more excited each passing day,
I know I keep saying this but it truly does grow along with the belly!!!

Have a wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Do you really need breast feeding classes?

I had heard of such classes long before I got pregnant and each time I sat and thought about it, it kinda made me laugh. For thousands of years mother's have fed their babies without classes and things have turned out just fine. So why on earth would I need to take such a class?? Ah, the puzzlement....

I had talked to my mother about this, as well as my midwife and both agree there's nothing that states you REALLY need to take this particular class. Esp if your mother breast fed and your midwife knows her stuff. If there are issues with the baby latching I have two people I trust that I can always go to.

I realize this may be a touchy subject seeing as this is a common class pregnant mom's sign up for.
I've read online ladies have taken these classes and come out laughing cause they never helped and what they did need if such an issue arose they found the proper help elsewhere. Others of course felt differently and that's probably because that environment was a good thing for them...

Some people love the classroom environment and having such classes makes them feel better prepared for the coming days after baby is born. Which is fine! Don't get me wrong.

Many ladies these days are also good at self-educating and feel just fine studying alone or by asking a few questions to a trusted family member or midwife.

I think one thing it may come down to is how social you are and what type of learning you prefer.
(Depending on the situation)

Me, I'm not usually the social, social type. I'm pretty laid back in how I like to interact with people and I do really well learning on my own. I do love a classroom setting when I feel utterly lost or know there's no possible way for me to self-educate. But as far as me being a future breast feeding mother, I feel really confident and will ask any questions when they pop into my head. I've learned a lot in both settings for what I do in Aesthetics and I value/respect both systems! Just for this round I feel like I can learn more from my mom, midwife and a little research.

So if you're a classroom learner, the class might be best for you
If you like to be social and connect with others in a similar stage of life, this is probably a great idea!

Never having my own child before I realize these are personal opinions and I don't claim to know more that somebody who teaches one of these classes, please don't hear me saying that!

By far what Im trying to communicate. :)

These are personal musings and I like to write about such things. It really helps me process and I hope it helps you develop your own opinions in return. I always encourage others to do their own research and ask their own questions to those they trust.
(i.e. Mother's, Nurses, Midwives, Friends etc..)

That's all for now, I should probably get more done around the house.

Have a wonderful evening!
Shannon <3

Friday, August 17, 2012

Where to labor when the time comes....

Just had another apt with my midwife and she asked me a very good question...

"Have you given any thought on where you'd like to labor when the time comes?"

Yes, in fact.

I was one who just wasn't sure about the idea of water birth.
It sounded weird and a little gross to be honest.
So like anything I did research...

Come to hear personal stories, read them and read studies from medical professionals, that this method may indeed be better than any other way to spend your time when things start to build towards the grand finale. Ladies are saying it worked better than any artificial painkiller, the risk of tearing is drastically dropped, your body relaxes faster and allows faster progress etc...

Sounds great!

I have a pretty high pain tolerance and have been through some pretty intense stuff already.
Water has always been soothing to me and since I've been pregnant if I need time out for me a shower has been amazing!! This pleased my midwife and she said water would be awesome for me if that's the case. So we've decided water is the rout to go. Add to the fact I get regular chiropractic adjustments which also helps your body stay set and ready for the day your baby says "It's time! Here I come!"
Not to mention since I'm feeling better I'll be able to workout again and that's always a bonus.

I encourage those of you still unsure to do your own research on what looks best and safe for you and your baby when the time comes. There are great places on the web and some books that won't freak you out. Like the one I've been reading by Mr. And Mrs Sears, their section on labor is pretty informative and Mrs Sears gives her opinion on what felt best for her. I think they have 6 kids??
Can't remember...

This is something to figure out in early on so you don't feel pressure the closer you get to your due date!

Did you know laying on your back during labor and giving birth actually makes it harder on you and baby? Cuts off oxygen to the infant and gravity isn't there to help you, plus you're messing with your body's natural design in how it's meant to be when pushing. Sure some positions look kinda crazy and I've nixed several already haha but I do know the basics of gravity and I think it makes sense to be in a more forgiving position vs laying down on your back like many do. Some doctors insist that's the only way and if they try pressuring you, there's no problem in speaking you mind on what feels better!
I've heard/read this and it seems to make the birthing process one step easier on both you and baby.

This is a great article that helps explain more of what I've been talking about!

I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means, esp since I have yet to give birth but I'm going based off what common sense is telling me as well as my midwife and reliable research I've found/find.

I'm getting excited as I get closer to my due date and can't wait to know what it's like to accomplish something so amazing, even if there's pain... I look forward to saying I gave birth to one of God's biggest blessings He could ever give us!!! 

Have a great day,
Shannon <3 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Showing so soon? Too soon??

There are so many things you hear when it comes to showing in your first pregnancy....

"It's your first, you won't show for quite a while!"

"You're so small, who knows when you'll show..."

"Wow you're showing early! Twins? Have you checked!?"

"I don't think they have the right due date down... You look big for only X amount of weeks..."

"Are you watching how much weight you're gaining? You don't want a big baby!"

Every woman's body is different, I don't see what the big deal is?

Now I can def understand being a liiiiittle concerned showing and not having an ultrasound to know if there's 1 or 2 babies in there. This was a slight one I had... I started showing the signs of a bump at 7 weeks, and of course those who you've told will bring up the word "twins" this scared me. 
I always wanted just 1 at a time, but things do change. 
However, I was relieved to see only one during my 10 week checkup.

There's such an odd fuss about showing soon or how big you should be and so on and so forth.. It's kinda crazy! You hear ladies who say, "Gotta eat for two now!"
or "Don't eat too much, you don't want a big baby.. It'll be harder to deliver!"

Well, from what I've read and learned it's not about eating for two and no it's not easier to deliver a smaller baby. All you need to be worried about is upping your calorie intake when pregnant, you don't want to gain a ridiculous amount of weight but you also don't want to under gain. The average pregnant woman should gain 25 to 35 lbs when expecting. It's not only natural, it's healthy!
Now in the first trimester I know for some it's really, really hard to gain anything. Esp if you're sick, sicker than I was at my worst... And mine wasn't fun. My midwife stated it's common to gain 10 or loose 10 lbs. Either way, it's normal and as long as you're communicating with your healthcare provider and they see all is well, don't panic. The baby doesn't feel what you're feeling, the baby is actually taking their nutrition from your body. Thus the need for extra vitamins such as cal/mag and fish oil.
(These are to be taken along with the prenatal)

The whole smaller baby thing got me wondering what was truly what, esp since I've talked to ladies who have prayed for smaller babies just to make it "easier" when it came time to give birth.
Hmmm really? Does it really work that way?
More often than not the smaller the baby the more difficulty there is when it comes time to push.
Small babies don't have enough gravity on their side because of their size.
The bigger baby (7-9 lbs) has gravity on their side and therefore makes it easier on momma.
I fully understand there's speculation on this matter but I've read from several MD's and Mother's who already have kids, this is indeed easier. And if there's fear of tearing, there are steps to either help prevent or lessen what may or may never happen. (I hear water birth, or laboring in water is a big plus!)

I was excited to show early on, it meant the baby was growing and all was healthy! On my first midwife apt she confirmed it. Plus, I never really had that "fat stage" I just noticed my pants suddenly became painful to wear, that was the only annoying factor. Even last night the pants I put on hurt...So much for my little waist staying in my sweats and such like I thought it might. Kinda thought I could save some cash there... Maaaaaaybe not....
13 weeks!!

(I've gained over 10 lbs so far and it's all in my waist, belly and boobs haha
I still have a tiny ribcage but that won't last forever ;)
I'm relieved to have gained vs lost and I'm even more excited to be showing like i am!!
There's a miracle taking place inside!!)

What I liked reading and or hearing from the other side of things are the ladies who are just as excited as I am to be showing and are thrilled about moving into maternity clothing. They are such an amazing voice in stating "Embrace the bump! This is your growing baby!"

Again, I remember working at Motherhood and hearing ladies come in and complain about not fitting in their clothes but not wanting to look pregnant. They refused to wear anything that resembled they carried a baby. They wanted normal clothes. I kinda sorta get that, but for the most part I don't.

Isn't part of the excitement about showing off the bump???

It was really hard to please those ladies...
There are SO many cute clothes and they didn't like any of them.
Save for some basic stuff.
Oh well.

2 Thoughts when it comes to a baby bump:

A.You are your own person and your body is different from every other lady out there.
How or when you show is up to your body!

B. Keep a balanced diet and let your midwife or doctor help you keep track of your weight.
It's not all on your shoulders :)

(My best friend pregnant with her son, she looked amazing and was still as hot as ever!)

Have a great day,
Shannon <3

Friday, August 10, 2012

Oh the pickles of it all!

Just yesterday I simply HAD to have pickles!!

At first the idea of them made me want to run to the bathroom. It was sad.
I grew up on pickles so and was called the "pickle kid" (along with my sister) so I wasn't sure if I'd be repulsed my entire pregnancy or not. As I mentioned before, I can't eat ANYTHING Asian. Anything. Just the idea puts a lump of displeasure in my throat. I have always loved Asian food! 
The other day I mentioned pickles sounded good but I didn't give into the craving.. Yesterday I did.
I bought a whole jar a slices and ate over half yesterday and just finished them as a pre curser to the rest of my lunch! Ummm okay.... And I swear they've never tasted so good!! Pregnancy does weird things.  

Mom cut up some sort of mellon this morning and I've eaten over half of that!
I'm still fruit crazy and cant get enough of it, which is really good.
Fruit is my go to food when I can't decide what I want or if nothing wants to sit very well.
I eat a banana every night at around 4:30 a.m. which helps with the hungry pains and leg cramps due to the potassium. It's like clockwork that I'm up and needing to eat! I can go to bed full but my system digests food so quickly it doesn't hold me through the night. 
I'm also not a huge banana person and now they're a life saver!

And speaking of the night....

The baby has decided my bladder is a great place to hunker down on when it's time for me to try sleeping. So for the past 2 nights I've spent more time in the bathroom than I have getting shuteye. 
My poor husband will say "Again?!" and I will grunt something unintelligible back stating "yes..."
I hear it only gets worse.... Thrilled.

My hair has always been super soft but now it's like nothing I've ever felt!
I've had to use less oil to keep the frizz down and that's kinda cool.
Won't complain, I'm all for easy steps to getting ready these days.
Nails still grow at the same rate, fast.
Been that way since the TBI.

Touching quickly back on the food cravings...
There are mixed studies on why they happen and most say it's hormones or the body's way of telling you what you need most. There's nothing set in stone which is just another mystery we may never fully understand. The human body is a wondrous thing indeed!

That's it for now, I'm in a scatter-brained state and can't keep my head on anything but "shuffle."

Have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3

Monday, August 6, 2012

12 weeks pregnant!

I've been aching for this week to come near!
I've decided where as I've learned a lot from this first trimester I'm happy to be saying goodbye.
Not too much change in the bump from 10 weeks till now but there is a slight difference...

Like taking a medication for an infection such as strep throat there are always those odd side effects that few people will get. I happen to be one of those "special" people that do... If it's in the fine print most likely I'll get it. My mother is the exact same way, thus it never came as a shock to her when I was growing up. But she never got as many symptoms as I've had with this pregnancy as she did with her own so this is a shock for her. Which I can understand why, even though I am a different person.
I understand her confusion. I had deep confusion of my own at first!

Until we pin pointed a lot of the intensity stemming from the TBI...

My body has been very, very sensitive to hormonal changes since that accident and whatever happens in my body seems to feel magnified because my brain isn't sure how to interpret what's going on. 
Esp since when my accident happen I was not only smacked on the R side of my head but the impact was so great it threw my head back and I hit the base near my spine as well. This in turn caused a permanent and very odd fluctuation of my serotonin and norepinephrine levels. 
Along with a few other things that have stuck around and they aren't always noticeable but they do come and go. It's something I've accepted and have learned to live with, even on the bad days.

Having an amazing support system with my husband, family and friends is something I could never ever replace! And the relationship I have with God is what keeps me continually strong, so I'm never at a loss. :) I will always be able to live the life I was intended to! For that, I am grateful.

But back to the pregnancy stuff...

I've noticed a change in what I'm feeling and it had me trying to figure out what the heck was going on? I had started to feel insanely dizzy, headaches off and on, it's harder to stay hydrated now.. I think I mentioned that part already? (Oh and brain function? haha What's that??)
Come to learn these are sometimes what you feel as your morning sickness starts to die off, and mine seems to be trying so very hard to go away. And it can keep doing that. ;) 

But even with all of that,  you wanna know something?

There's something so exciting about this baby that it keeps me going!! My good days have been great and the bad days have been pretty bad (You kinda feel like it's the never ending flu and you can't take anything to ease the symptoms.) But the growing thought of this baby tickles me pink... I can't wait!!

To help with these new symptoms:

 1. I try to drink more water and that also includes juice as well, I'm also trying to introduce more milk seeing as before it was a huge no for my stomach. So far, so good. 

2. I'm trying to do a little more around the house when I feel energized and I rest when I feel dizzy or sleepy. Sometimes I even get a nap in. (The desire for has has died down some because my energy levels are changing again.)

3. Since I'm able to start eating more I try to eat bigger but not HUGE portions. Or I'll snack every 2 hours like before. This does help, esp since I still can't eat a whole lot in one sitting.
A side note:
I find that if it's something I've wanted I can eat more vs something that doesn't sound terrible but not wonderful at the same time. It's really weird!
There are also things that just flat out sounds nasty, such as Asian food.
(I and I love me some good Asian food, but right now... NO.)

4. I also try not to do too many things that involve a lot of bending over.
i.e. cleaning the shower/tub

Things I've noticed changing (even more):

1. My waist line is by far thicker than it was before! I'm finding that wearing some of my regular underwear is just not comfortable as it cuts into my sides and does that awful pulling it up over the butt giving you the undesired "wedgy." Even though my bottom hasn't done any changing really, it's aaaaalllll in my waist.  So this also has meant no more regular jeans. Heck even some of my sweats and other soft pants don't fit my waist line anymore... Never knew I had such a tiny waist. Wow!

2. I've officially, officially grown out of wearing underwire bras... That translates into all of what I own minus one; and even that one kills me after several hours. Sports bras have been amazing at night and I do believe it's time to go shopping for some new day bras.

3. My sleep patterns are really weird! The book I've been glossing over has stated some ladies experience different sleep patterns because their bodies are working 24/7 to create this little life. Makes sense to me, it's just taken some serious adjusting time since I'm one that has difficulty functioning on little sleep, I seem to be making due in the long run.
Just need to take naps when I feel that sudden drop in energy.

What I find interesting about pregnancy is some ladies feel their bodies changing others hardly notice until they reach that "whale-like" stage. It's a curious thing isn't it? I'm truly fascinated by this....

Anyway, I should probably get going... I have a husband who needs to eat before he goes to work!

Shannon <3

Friday, August 3, 2012

Got the dry throat woes?

Again, this too is common during pregnancy.
Who'd a thunk all these little oddities would pop up?
I mean.. I knew there were changes but some are just down right weird!

For several weeks now i've had this awful dry sensation in either my mouth or throat. 
And knowing a pregnant woman should drink a half a gallon at least each day this isn't the fix all either. If I would drink all that I swear I'd need to cure this dry throat/mouth issue I'd NEVER leave the bathroom!! I've done the whole non-stop drinking and I wasn't able to leave the house. 
It helped but def had a downside haha 

Another thing that comes with this dry throat woe is the fact morning sickness can also dry you out and thus a random gag reflex may come out of nowhere which is by far NOT attractive. Just saying.

Gum helps, cinnamon, peppermint or bubblegum to be exact. 
Not only do they help with nausea but they really help hydrate my mouth and throat. 

We have a humidifier but need to use it more often. 
Did great in prepping it each night before I got pregnant but now I'm so incredibly tired by 8:30 I'm spacing on getting it done. Heck I'm sleeping by 9 or 9:30!  

Salty foods make it worse even though salt is something I've come to want now...
(And I never used salt before, only on rare occasions.)
But realizing not only is salt (In moderation) needed during pregnancy it does help make foods easier to swallow if you're having a rough day. For example, my current craving is salt and vinegar chips.
And potato chips are one of those odd foods that sit fairly well when nothing else will.
So I just watch how much salt I use and that's not very hard.

I've found lozenges either work or they don't...

The most you can do is keep drinking, eat high moisture based foods, gum and or lozenges.
They say herbal teas safe for pregnant ladies but it's been too hot for those! 
Come fall and winter I will investigate my options...

Have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Broken capillaries after throwing up??!!

Broken capillaries on your face....
Have you noticed it too?
Those little red marks that kind of resemble a rash on your face and maybe neck?
Freaking you out?

Don't worry!
It's pretty common actually :)
They heal over and your skin will bounce back.
Pretty simple.

**Now if you're Rosacea prone and this seems to have made it worse, it's time to find something for your skin topically and also boost your vitamin K intake (Just check with your Dr, midwife or dermatologist first). In fact, you may consider trying something like Juice Beauty's Antioxidant or Soothing serum to help calm your skin... Even if this is a new development this may help speed up healing time! Esp if you're not a fan of makeup and you'd like to remain going w/out.

I've been using the Antioxidant esp under my eyes as that seems to be my highest concentrated location. Cause not only does loosing your lunch dehydrate your body but what dehydrates your body dehydrates your skin, so this has really helped keep my eyes feeling dry and puffy. It can be used with an eye cream as well so don't be afraid to follow it up with your favorite!

These little blotchy spots are nothing new to me as any time I have the stomach flu they pop up. It's just with pregnancy and having such sensitive skin it seems to stand out more. No biggie, however annoying when you need to go out in public they do heal over in a couple days. 
(This is once you've stopped tossing cookies)

It's the pressure your body is using to expel whatever it was you ate that makes them get angry and sometimes burst or get inflamed. So don't worry, you're not alone. 

Try to stay as hydrated as possible!
Which isn't always easy when you're feeling yucky.
The last thing you want is to feel the start of dehydration on top of tummy blech...
Esp during the summer heat!
Sip water and alternate with some gatorade.
This is a HUGE help :)
This has been my favorite flavor of choice.

I've had a bumpy couple days cause I'm nearly 12 weeks and the baby has hit a growth spurt and whenever that happens and the hormone levels rise and my food likes to come back to bite me. 
Thus my noticing these little friends on my face saying hello again.
HOWEVER, I'm branching out and able eat a bigger variety so this is fabulous!!

There's really not much else to say cause it's common and your body will kick into healing mode and before you know if they'll be gone. Until then I use some concealer and powder so I don't look or feel so blotchy and that really helps! Esp since I've felt so lazy when applying my makeup.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Shannon <3