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Friday, August 24, 2012

"When can we come see the baby???"

"When can we come see you and the baby???"

Most likely to be the most heard question after you give birth...

I mean, c'mon, who doesn't want to see a new born baby???


Here are a couple questions for you as the mother and/or father:

1. What are you comfortable with?

2. Do you feel okay with visiter's right away or is it something you feel pressured to do?

3. Have you considered if it's what's best for both you and baby?

4. Have you researched how long it takes a baby's immune system to fully develop once born?

5. What time or year is it and will there be a risk for illness?

6. How much help, is too much help?

These are questions I believe every parent should ask themselves.
Thanks to my amazing mother I learned why these are key :)

Not only do you and your husband need to bond with this baby, but you need to get into a grove to start raising this precious gift. It's a wonderful intimate time for you as a family!

Consider this: 

Lack of sleep,
Lack of personal time,
Lack of many things...

When is it okay to say that two letter word, "No."

It all comes down to once again, what fits you and your lifestyle best?

If you want people over then that's cool and if not, then say something!

**Did you know it takes 4 to 6 weeks for a baby's immune system to be built up?

Now I understand there's controversy in wether having visitors over will help the immune system improve faster vs not. But with all of these super bugs and yuck out there why take a chance?
This isn't about being paranoid. It's about understanding how this world isn't what it was for your parents. My mom and dad thought this way 25 years back when they had me, in thinking/doing so they did a very unpopular thing...They kept things low key for my sister and myself for 4 weeks after they had us. This meant, no visitors. Sound popular? Nooooooooope!

My husband and I are thinking along the same lines and will most likely hold to it.. Esp with me being due during flu season. (And this year's flu season is said to bring Whooping cough around at very dangerous levels.) We realize it's not the most sought after choice because people are eager to meet the little bundle, but we also have to consider the time of year and all that entails. Like my parents, the baby will probably only leave for doctor visits and nothing more. Our premise is more based off of wanting some time to adjust. We will want some serious down time after and in that we're following my parents example. They don't regret it and they have talked to us about this and they support us in making the same choice. Not that they wouldn't have if we decided something else. Cause they would.

Meals you may ask?:

1. There are wonderful meals you can make and freeze a month or so in advance. 
(Can you say hello pinterest?? haha)

2. Pick a small handful of people to help.

3. You really don't need many meals, part of getting back into the swing of things is cooking again.
(Yet, another thing I learned from my mother! But there are also times when longer help is needed if delivery rough.)

There may be a thought bouncing around your head that I didn't touch on...

"Why not get the baby's vaccinations!"

This is a whole other blog for another time.
There's yet another controversy within this topic and it's one you can't write out in a few lines. 
My husband and I have mixed emotions about this, vaccinations have changed and there are dangers that require a deep thought process before stepping out onto that platform. We plan on talking this over with our midwife as well as doing our own research.
For another time.
Another blog.

We grow more excited each passing day,
I know I keep saying this but it truly does grow along with the belly!!!

Have a wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 


  1. You raise so many good points! I am so glad you have a brain and are doing your research now instead of when someone actually asks you when they can see the baby. I agree with your choice completely. You're the mother of a brand new baby - you just went through a bunch of stress - why add to it?! I think some people can get sooo annoying about this too, making themselves the center of it all instead of realizing what is best for the parents and baby.

    And don't forget that when people do finally get to see the baby, ask them to wash their hands before handling the bundle!

  2. EXACTLY!! That last point was perfect :)
    I've seen mothers (and fathers) become even more tired from not allowing personal time alone just you guys. Plus baby does need down time and their immune systems need to boot up. (so to speak)
    This isn't about being mean it's about preservation.
    Cause trust me, it's truly going to exciting to show off the baby! But it can be done in due time.