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Monday, August 27, 2012

Maternity fashion!!

Working at Motherhood Maternity was an eyeopener, a good one.

I saw various types of mother's, and their shopping needs were just are vast!

One mother spent thousands of $$ on her clothes, this made my head spin... Why on earth do you need to spend THAT much?! You won't be wearing these clothes forever.
Another may have only spent a very small amount because she refused to actually wear maternity.
Again, I just don't get it. However, depending on how your body develops may in fact depend on what you may or may not need.


I never needed one of those "Belly bands"
I went from my regular jeans to maternity jeans.

But there's a line where considering the cost of everything (And I mean everything!) needs to be brought into perspective...I went over this prior to pregnancy and right after I found out. 
All those costs start to add up and that's on top of your regular monthly purchasing! 
haha Yaaaaaay.
(But very exciting :)
There's a way to look at these future months with a frugal mind and it will help ease the stress of buying clothes. Cause let's face it, clothes aren't cheap these days, I'm glad I sat back to think and listen when I was working at Motherhood. It's paying off and I love it!

Regarding your current or future needs:

1. Do you have any friends who are the same size and still have their maternity clothing?
Ask to borrow some items, this will be a HUGE help from the start!

2. What do you do for work?
You can alternate 2 pairs of dress slacks, 2 skirts and a couple dresses if you need to dress professional.
Observe the shirts that will shockingly fit that you already own and/or buy some things that can be alternated and use your creativity to mix an match. Scarves and jewelry help make an outfit look different and can help change your outlook on what you're wearing.

3. Jeans, how many pairs?
In reality, if your sales help is good she will find you a size that will fit full term and if not you may need to adjust in the last 2 months...Maybe. If you live in jeans like me you'll probably want 3 or 4 pairs. You can wear 2 pairs per week if you don't stay in them ALL day long. 

4. Yoga pants and basic shirts?
These will probably be your friend when at home!
Some ladies can wear the same size all pregnancy, then that's awesome.
If your waist is growing but your booty isn't (Like mine) then you may want to invest in 3 or 4 pairs of pants. Fat bands or draw string feel amazing!! A handful of shirts works just fine. Again, check to see what will fit you most of your pregnancy if not full term in what you already own. But you will probably need to buy at least some... Try to find cute styles that can be worn with anything as well as the super basic stuff!

** If you like leggings, invest in at least 2 pair that fit with your lifestyle!

5. Pinterest ideas?
Enough said :)

6. Goodwill shopping?
Yes, I found brand new maternity clothes for dirt cheap! This allows the fashion loving lady who wants a few more options but also wants to keep it to a budget. It's glorious!

7. Bras and underwear??
Ugh, yes.
My least favorite...

Underwear, find what you're comfy with and go for it!

Bras, there's a trick to keeping you from pulling your hair out...
Rule of thumb is you need to be able to fit 4 to 5 fingers in the cup comfortably to allow room for growth and future milk. The back hooks should either fit comfortably on the 3rd or 2nd hook to allow room for ribcage expansion. And if there's a cup to ribcage issue like with me there are bra hook extenders that make the world a sweeter place. The straps should be hiked up high enough to also allow room for all the changes you most likely will experience. And for sleeping in, sports bras for pre baby and post baby 2 designed for sleeping/nursing is the general thought. One to wear, one to wash. However buying 4 if you tend to leak isn't such a bad idea either!

8. Shoes?
I was told to not wear my heels :(
So sad but I do understand....You're off balance and it can pose a potential danger if you fall. Esp if you're a pregnant and experience dizzy spells. (Like me)
I actually got rid of my pumps months ago so I'm stuck with mostly flats. 
I don't feel like spending money on a new pair so I'll survive. ;) 
Invest in good supports to slip into your shoes! This will save your hips, knees and back.
I know this only because I was in a car wreck last year (was hit from behind) and my back still isn't up to pare. This saved me a ton during my holiday position as Macy's!!

9. Allow for those few special clothing items you've always wanted?
Ummm yes!
I really wanted to be pregnant during the fall/holiday season and my dream has come true.
I had my eye on a few "splurges" when working at Motherhood and really look forward to the couple items when they come out!! I will still stay in budget but I will also be pampering myself with those couple "Must have" items that I may not esp "need."

**There are two types of ladies who are out shopping for this new and exciting season of life...
(Or at least that i've noticed most of the time.)
Both types will shop alone or with friends/family. But don't we do that even when we're not pregnant?
Of course!

A. The first lady knows exactly what she wants or has a pretty good idea and may or may not want some help from a sales associate while shopping. This lady is fashion forward and has been planning her pregnancy clothing just as she's dreamed of what the nursery will one day look like. In today's world of clothing options she will undoubtably walk away very satisfied! 

B. The second lady feels somewhat lost and will be open about wanting some support or will suffer in silence. The sales help should have a keen eye set for this and have compassion for her. She desires to feel attractive but may not want to spend as much money as somebody who's got it all planned out. All she wants is to have somebody by her side to show her that she can look fabulous at every stage of this journey! She might be a little more basic but isn't past trying something with a little sass for the hubs and some future date nights. Once this shopper has found something she likes and knows it looks good it will brighten her day and add a spring to her step!

I truly miss working there and being a part of all of that interaction with the customers... 
Went shopping at Motherhood for bras the other day and was having trouble letting them help me because I was so used to doing it myself for the shoppers. haha The sales associate I had was wonderful though, I will be going back to have her work with me again when my goodies I'm waiting for come in.

Pretty sure I've gone on long enough and probably should get about my day!

I will try to start posting what I'm wearing now that I've really popped and you can see how/what I'm up to clothing wise. I'm already past wearing most of my basic T's and need maternity ones. 
Unless it's a big 'ol baggy thing. ;)

Shannon <3 

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