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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The "Wait till you're a mom..." blog

I was reading on the boards that there are people who are sick of being asked stupid things or told things that may be true for some but it's not necessarily going to be true for you. 
Or isn't if you're a parent already and expecting another...

I started thinking back on the few things I've heard or been told since I got pregnant and I've looked at each statement and said, "This doesn't have to be me, or anybody for that matter."

What I've heard most:
(I think I've touched on this in a much earlier blog.)

"Welcome to never sleeping again!"

"I hope you and your husband enjoyed the time you had alone, you'll never see those times again."

"You say now you won't let electronics and TV be a constant babysitter...
That's because you don't have kids yet."

I understand there are times when a baby doesn't sleep well for various reasons.
And I understand mine and my husband's life will look different once the baby is born.


My parents got sleep when raising us.
They found time to be alone.
Our electronics and TV were held to a minimum and that suited everybody just fine.

I seriously don't get why people have allowed so many distractions into their lives?
Why always on the go?
Why never alone time for you and your husband?
Why have you stopped caring about yourself personally?
And why on earth do your kids have to be in EVERY activity known to mankind?!

I see how my parents raised us and I am blessed to have been raised in an environment where my parents made sure when knew when it was "Mommy & Daddy time" or it was time to turn off the TV or hey tough, it was nap time and yes we did have to eat that and try at least one "thank you" bite. Bedtime was bedtime no wiggle room around it, unless it was a holiday or special occasion. And no we NEVER slept in our parents bed with them. We were allowed in for a nightmare or sick but always showed back to our bed for the night. 

Where have family values gone?
Is spending time with your family at the dinner table and on Sunday not cool anymore?
Why have we suddenly allowed fancy games, TV shows and electronics numb out the amazing imaginations our children were naturally born with??
(I believe technology only holds a small part of growing a child's mind. There are so many other ways to enhance what's up in their little brains vs electronically stimulating them all the time.) 

Not to say I'll be a perfect parent.
haha That's so funny... I'm human.
Kinda lacking the whole perfect thing...

That's why it's a God sized issue!

We need to seek Him on raising our little ones and yes, sometimes we honestly forget.
We forget Him in general sometimes and that's when we need to be brought back to center page and wakeup to see we REALLY need His touch in our daily lives. It's because we're not perfect and we make mistakes. But in all of that, we do have choices.

Having a little one to raise sometimes scares me to death sometimes as I know I'll make my own mistakes and nobody wants to consider themselves anything but a great parent. My husband and I pray over our little bundle and give him to God in doing so. We can't wait to have our baby dedicated once he's born!! Something we just asked my dad to do once the time comes :)

Call me old fashion in some aspects.
 But I just don't understand today's world when raising a family.

Shannon <3

Protein during pregnancy

I have come to realize how much of a meat eater I am not....

They impress upon you (as I do for myself and others) how much you need protein in your diet, esp when pregnant. I will eat meat, I will eat eggs (But those push it sometimes too), I will eat peanut butter etc. But I have taken notice I will eat the meat the day it's prepped and after that if we have leftovers it's not exactly what make my tummy say, "Yaaaaay! Just what I wanted!" Esp when it comes to chicken.
I will look at it in the fridge and inwardly groan...
My brain responds with, "You know that doesn't look so great right?"
Tummy says, "Ugh yes. Peanut butter anyone?" 

I've had SO MUCH peanut butter this pregnancy.... You have no idea!!

Entering the 8th month I can feel I need more protein in my diet and my husband suggested a protein isolate based drink. You can be sure I'm talking to my midwife about this next week.
Anything to help give my system a boost!

I always do awesome in the fruit and veggie department, same with grains and dairy.
(However, I have become addicted to fruit this pregnancy!) 
Protein is where I lack it seems and thus my being tired some days.

You can study and learn incredible stuff, then it hits home for you on a different level. 
A more personal one. Or a deeper level of personal.

Here's how I know I need more:

A. I will eat grains and fruit in the morning and I'm still tired.

B. If I eat something with protein it's a swing in the opposite direction.
(Not always, but it does help)  

I would say this is my biggest struggle diet wise.

**The Mayo Clinic states a woman in her 3rd tri needs 71 grams of protein each day.
That's eating something protein based with each meal!

Here's a confession.

I have never disliked food so much in my entire life as I have since I got pregnant!

Don't get me wrong,
I love to eat and always have! Just right now it's more when it's something I've been looking forward to or have really wanted. But in general, the constant hunger and needing to snack? I was ready to break up with that food relationship almost as soon as it started. I missed eating like a "normal" person right away and it's only become more of an annoyance as the months go on. Also my appetite has been rather up an down lately so that's and odd roller coaster in an of itself. My plan of action to help aid my body is by getting a shake that's safely designed for a pregnant woman's body. 
Thus my gratefulness for having a midwife apt next Thursday!

There is also light at the end of the tunnel and a blessing for this pregnancy and me being in the 3rd tri this time of year... All of the wonderful holiday food!!! A pregnant woman's dream and one I'm happy to see fulfilled. haha It'll be truly glorious!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Didn't I just go pee??

A question our mother's would ask us before we left the house was...

Did we use the bathroom before?
Or did we have to?

As a small child it's the last thing on your mind and sometimes the most annoying thing to hear!
Cause you know if you say you don't have to you'll be told to go try anyway.
Of course we all shlumped off to the bathroom, listening to avoid any conflict.
Aaaand we usually shocked ourselves by actually having to go.

Oh childhood.

But now a different phase of life has kicked in....

You're in your 7th month of pregnancy and suddenly you're asking yourself,
"Did I use the bathroom yet??"

Cause you know, if you don't, as soon as the blasted car pulls out the the drive you'll have to go!

And we're not talking about,
"Oh, I think I have to pee...?"

No, we're talking,
"OMG! If I don't pee right now I'll wet myself!!"

Add a bladder kicking child into the mix and you barely make it walking to the bathroom some days...

My husband's nick name for me currently is "Princess Potty"
He's lucky I find him so cute. Cause normally this would annoy me.
But I can see how is must be funny to him as I will say several times while we're out,
"We need to find a bathroom!"
Or at night when I get up and go 5 times and he's a super light sleeper.
"You're seriously going pee AGAIN?!"
He would ask. Now he just chuckles if he's awake.

I must say, it's even more odd when you have the kiddo kicking your bladder as you pee. 
Made me jump the first couple times haha he's a strong kicker!
But what's really funny is when I'm sitting down doing work and he starts kicking away and I didn't know I had to pee until then... I'll fuss my body up and out of the chair and waddle to the bathroom. Sometimes very quickly.

All i have to say is, this is a very interesting part of pregnancy and it's kind of nice that people don't look at you funny when you ask for the bathroom. Cause we've all been there for asking the question and we're not pregnant and we don't have a child with us. Nope we're just standing there vulnerable and waiting for an answer. Now, people smile and point you in the right direction. It's nice and even nicer when you actually get to the bathroom and go.

And in all this talking about peeing I need to go myself!

Have a wonderful day!!

Shannon <3 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Update time: About my 2nd Trimester!

(Sorry, this is over 3 mos late!! Ugh. Computer and lack of energy issues are to blame.)

Such a wonderful thing to say,"I'm in my 2nd trimester!"
A new hair cut to bring it in! It was SO hot this summer... Ugh.

 I can feel things changing and my goodness some of it feels out of this world!! It's cool because some days I don't feel anything and I wonder what's up. Not as in worry, just as in, "Hmmm the body is feeling still today... What is next??" It's more excitement than anything!!
Esp since I'm officially not fitting in any pre pregnancy clothing.
(Minus a thing or two that I'll probably be able to wear all pregnancy long...)

I've become so sick of wearing soft yoga or sweat pants I'm glad to have maternity jeans to wear!
Makes me feel more human seeing as the entire time I was down with morning sickness I was loathing the idea of actual clothes. I would dress nicely when needed but never really looked forward to it. Now with having a small maternity wardrobe I feel like I can now continue in this adventure on a more steady note. (Or shall I say more put together.) And hello fall, here comes some cute clothing options!! 

My morning sickness has all but vanished, weeeeeeeee!!!!!
I have "ick" moments/days and still know when something food wise sounds gross but I can now focus on eating a more balanced diet. This is a true blessing! I disliked hearing how people were sick their entire pregnancies... Nobody likes to hear that. Esp since nausea is probably some of the worst crud to experience. However, Coke was a great way to ease my stomach in the long run. That and not going too long without eating. Did you know Coke was first designed as a treatment for upset tummy's?
I would make sure to have small amounts and not over do it. I'm just relieved how much it helped!

My skin, well, I'm come to realize the pregnancy hormones are going to do their own thing.
This is a huge struggle when you're an Aesthetician! 
I have learned that by enhancing my nightly cleansing routine and doing a clay mask twice weekly that my skin seems to respond on a more friendly note. Pregnancy hormones create more gunk for you to clean off at the end of the day, and if you're taking extra care to make sure you're getting it all, there are  results to be seen! I'm feeling more at ease knowing there are things you can do to help prevent stuff from getting out of control. I've never been one with skin issues...Stress made me breakout and the birth control crap did. But I had that all but cleared up. Then the pregnancy hormones kicked in full swing...
It's fairly common and many ladies talk about it online. As well as some friends I know who have had kids already. It's just part of being pregnant for some of us ladies. Just make sure to drink water, eat fresh fruits and veggies and use clean, safe skin care products!

i.e. From a fellow poster on
Foods like salmon, dark green veggies, olives, berries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and xtra virgin olive oil all contain powerful antioxidants.

I'm still pretty tired but am sleeping better (For the most part).
The congestion that comes with 30% of pregnancies has really been an issue for me.
It started out as allergies and converted into this wonderful mess of not breathing well and drainage.
Gross, I know! But oh so real and it can be awful for sleeping.
I've refused to use drugs to help me because I don't want that in my body.
I have found that by using those Breath Right strips at night I can actually sleep!
They have been a lifesaver next to my humidifier. 

I've felt growing pains in my lower abdomen for the past several weeks and sometimes it's enough to make me stop and take some time to breathe. It's nothing I can't handle, just feels really weird!
(I'd take this over throwing up any day.)
I talked to my midwife about this and did my own research, come to find it's very normal and could be felt throughout the entire pregnancy for some. I just need to not sit too long or adjust how I'm sleeping if I feel it begin to bug me. My husband also showed me a couple stretches that really help.
He's so amazing. :)

My breasts are not nearly as tender as they were before, this is wonderful!
I have learned that nursing bras are not nearly as comfortable as my Victoria Secret bras...
This is even wearing the correct size.
I can see why ladies would complain about them now.
I miss my old bras but won't bee seeing them for quite a while yet.

I'm more emotional now vs my first trimester...
I smacked my head on the freezer door and burst into tears while laughing.
Then when my husband brought me a napkin for my nose vs a kleenex I started to cry again.
It's crazy and you tend to feel really stupid. 

All part of the fun right?

I'm seeing my chiropractor weekly to help keep my body in line and ready for labor. His wife swears by it and my midwife says regular adjustments usually cut down labor time.
I'm down for that!

My cravings come and go but there's nothing really there most of the time.
I might think of something and HAVE to have it but it's nothing on a daily basis really.

My goal is to gain 10 lbs per trimester and so far I seem to be doing really good.
The blessings of being 25 is it will come off pretty quickly after baby so I'm not worried. :)

The belly did it's fair share of popping so I've included some photos for ya!

15 weeks!

18 weeks!

22 weeks!

23.5 weeks!

26 weeks!

Until the next trimester update,
Shannon <3 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Feeling the baby move!!

The much anticipated thing each pregnant mommy waits for....

Feeling her baby move inside of her!!!

I started feeling little "popping" like popcorn back in early Sept but on the 17th I was wowed by the sudden strong movements of my baby wiggling about one evening. I asked my husband if he wanted to try and feel the baby move and he jumped at that chance. Low and behold the baby had both grown big enough for him to feel something!! His face brought joy to my heart as I watched him have a very special bonding moment with both myself and the baby.

The movement can be felt as:

Popcorn (Kicks)
A ball rolling around
Pressure changes and weight unevenly distributed in stomach
Swishing or swimming about
Or slight "shivers"
(I'm wondering if those are hiccups??)

What stuns me is feeling the baby grow in a different way now, this little one is healthy as ever and loves to show me what foods are the favorite. It kinda cracks me up seeing as most of the baby's favorites are my husband's favorites. I told my husband this baby is so much like him already when it comes to food. So far this baby LOVES, loves, loves BBQ, fruit (esp pears), pizza, meats, ice cream and as well as other various healthy foods i.e. carrots and salad... This little bug is an eater so I have moments of zero peace when it comes to hunger. This is fairly difficult at times considering I don't want to eat everything in the cotton-pickn' house! I know the grocery budget has grown and not by choice. haha Within a week I had polished off a bag of triscuts, 2 blocks of cheddar cheese, half a bag (big bag) of baby carrots, a block of fresh fudge, couple candy apples (home made), countless boxes of Cheerios (Over a period of time not just this week haha! Same with the box of Raisin Bran.) etc... I feel like a piggy. However, you would never know I eat like this... I seriously don't know where all of the 29 some lbs have gone to minus the front portion of my body and a little bit to my butt and legs. I still fit into my small maternity jeans, it's the tops and a few sports bras I'm having issues with.


Each week is a new remarkable feeling as I can tell the baby is getting stronger.
This past week I have started noticing my tummy move when the baby kicks and it is amazing, simply amazing!! I was enjoying a bubble bath the other evening when I noticed this and saw the bubbles bounce and I was hooked from there on out. Can't wait for the next 3 months of watching as this little one grows! After all, baby comes in 3 months. Time has flown!

He is a bit of a stinker for somebody still so small...

My best friend was out here for the "Baby Bath" aka Shower and he was wiggling then stopped when she tried saying hi. He has this habit I'm noticing... Moves the most for his Daddy. :)
He's also a bladder kicker and likes to sit low so it's a really interesting feeling wether sitting someplace awake or being woken up by hard kicks to the bladder and having a sudden need to use the bathroom because of it. Very odd sensation indeed. He also doesn't like it when I'm bending over or sitting in a position that might be giving him less room, he lets me know by kicking and squirming once I either sit back up or if he;s really annoyed he'll fuss while I'm still bent or leaning. Cracks me up!
He also has discovered the difference between kicking on the side that's close to the mattress vs the one that's not. He will kick harder sometimes when he feels something more than my tummy and that too makes me sit back and just enjoy these precious moments before he's born!

I'm beyond tired from my busy weekend so I'll end things here and try to catch up on other things that
are LONG over due.

Shannon <3