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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Showing so soon? Too soon??

There are so many things you hear when it comes to showing in your first pregnancy....

"It's your first, you won't show for quite a while!"

"You're so small, who knows when you'll show..."

"Wow you're showing early! Twins? Have you checked!?"

"I don't think they have the right due date down... You look big for only X amount of weeks..."

"Are you watching how much weight you're gaining? You don't want a big baby!"

Every woman's body is different, I don't see what the big deal is?

Now I can def understand being a liiiiittle concerned showing and not having an ultrasound to know if there's 1 or 2 babies in there. This was a slight one I had... I started showing the signs of a bump at 7 weeks, and of course those who you've told will bring up the word "twins" this scared me. 
I always wanted just 1 at a time, but things do change. 
However, I was relieved to see only one during my 10 week checkup.

There's such an odd fuss about showing soon or how big you should be and so on and so forth.. It's kinda crazy! You hear ladies who say, "Gotta eat for two now!"
or "Don't eat too much, you don't want a big baby.. It'll be harder to deliver!"

Well, from what I've read and learned it's not about eating for two and no it's not easier to deliver a smaller baby. All you need to be worried about is upping your calorie intake when pregnant, you don't want to gain a ridiculous amount of weight but you also don't want to under gain. The average pregnant woman should gain 25 to 35 lbs when expecting. It's not only natural, it's healthy!
Now in the first trimester I know for some it's really, really hard to gain anything. Esp if you're sick, sicker than I was at my worst... And mine wasn't fun. My midwife stated it's common to gain 10 or loose 10 lbs. Either way, it's normal and as long as you're communicating with your healthcare provider and they see all is well, don't panic. The baby doesn't feel what you're feeling, the baby is actually taking their nutrition from your body. Thus the need for extra vitamins such as cal/mag and fish oil.
(These are to be taken along with the prenatal)

The whole smaller baby thing got me wondering what was truly what, esp since I've talked to ladies who have prayed for smaller babies just to make it "easier" when it came time to give birth.
Hmmm really? Does it really work that way?
More often than not the smaller the baby the more difficulty there is when it comes time to push.
Small babies don't have enough gravity on their side because of their size.
The bigger baby (7-9 lbs) has gravity on their side and therefore makes it easier on momma.
I fully understand there's speculation on this matter but I've read from several MD's and Mother's who already have kids, this is indeed easier. And if there's fear of tearing, there are steps to either help prevent or lessen what may or may never happen. (I hear water birth, or laboring in water is a big plus!)

I was excited to show early on, it meant the baby was growing and all was healthy! On my first midwife apt she confirmed it. Plus, I never really had that "fat stage" I just noticed my pants suddenly became painful to wear, that was the only annoying factor. Even last night the pants I put on hurt...So much for my little waist staying in my sweats and such like I thought it might. Kinda thought I could save some cash there... Maaaaaaybe not....
13 weeks!!

(I've gained over 10 lbs so far and it's all in my waist, belly and boobs haha
I still have a tiny ribcage but that won't last forever ;)
I'm relieved to have gained vs lost and I'm even more excited to be showing like i am!!
There's a miracle taking place inside!!)

What I liked reading and or hearing from the other side of things are the ladies who are just as excited as I am to be showing and are thrilled about moving into maternity clothing. They are such an amazing voice in stating "Embrace the bump! This is your growing baby!"

Again, I remember working at Motherhood and hearing ladies come in and complain about not fitting in their clothes but not wanting to look pregnant. They refused to wear anything that resembled they carried a baby. They wanted normal clothes. I kinda sorta get that, but for the most part I don't.

Isn't part of the excitement about showing off the bump???

It was really hard to please those ladies...
There are SO many cute clothes and they didn't like any of them.
Save for some basic stuff.
Oh well.

2 Thoughts when it comes to a baby bump:

A.You are your own person and your body is different from every other lady out there.
How or when you show is up to your body!

B. Keep a balanced diet and let your midwife or doctor help you keep track of your weight.
It's not all on your shoulders :)

(My best friend pregnant with her son, she looked amazing and was still as hot as ever!)

Have a great day,
Shannon <3


  1. That is something I never a million years would have thought people would complain about: showing too early?! Honestly, I think you're hearing this reaction because EVERYONE thinks they can say whatever they want about you and your unborn child just because you can in fact "see" the bump. It's like it's out there for the whole world to see, so some people take it as an opportunity to speak their whole minds about it... Oh, how I dread this!

    I'm so pleased to hear you are coming along healthy and that it's not twins! Adam always jokes that he wants twins so we can "kills two birds with one stone" kind of thing. But I absolutely dread that!

    I'm also so glad your realize that every pregnancy and every woman is different (as is every baby). My mom was small and never showed much with me (her first pregnancy), but Adam's mom showed a lot with him (also her first pregnancy). It just depends on a lot of factors and timing - not what people expect ;)

  2. Most of what I've heard has been very up lifting which is a blessing!
    However, there are moments where you just nod and smile.

    haha I did consider the "killing two birds" thing when I heard somebody say twins but quickly remembered how terrifying that sounded at the same time! It's been a fear since I knew having multiples was possible. One at a time is very good for me.

    See, proof right there in what you said :)