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Monday, August 20, 2012

Do you really need breast feeding classes?

I had heard of such classes long before I got pregnant and each time I sat and thought about it, it kinda made me laugh. For thousands of years mother's have fed their babies without classes and things have turned out just fine. So why on earth would I need to take such a class?? Ah, the puzzlement....

I had talked to my mother about this, as well as my midwife and both agree there's nothing that states you REALLY need to take this particular class. Esp if your mother breast fed and your midwife knows her stuff. If there are issues with the baby latching I have two people I trust that I can always go to.

I realize this may be a touchy subject seeing as this is a common class pregnant mom's sign up for.
I've read online ladies have taken these classes and come out laughing cause they never helped and what they did need if such an issue arose they found the proper help elsewhere. Others of course felt differently and that's probably because that environment was a good thing for them...

Some people love the classroom environment and having such classes makes them feel better prepared for the coming days after baby is born. Which is fine! Don't get me wrong.

Many ladies these days are also good at self-educating and feel just fine studying alone or by asking a few questions to a trusted family member or midwife.

I think one thing it may come down to is how social you are and what type of learning you prefer.
(Depending on the situation)

Me, I'm not usually the social, social type. I'm pretty laid back in how I like to interact with people and I do really well learning on my own. I do love a classroom setting when I feel utterly lost or know there's no possible way for me to self-educate. But as far as me being a future breast feeding mother, I feel really confident and will ask any questions when they pop into my head. I've learned a lot in both settings for what I do in Aesthetics and I value/respect both systems! Just for this round I feel like I can learn more from my mom, midwife and a little research.

So if you're a classroom learner, the class might be best for you
If you like to be social and connect with others in a similar stage of life, this is probably a great idea!

Never having my own child before I realize these are personal opinions and I don't claim to know more that somebody who teaches one of these classes, please don't hear me saying that!

By far what Im trying to communicate. :)

These are personal musings and I like to write about such things. It really helps me process and I hope it helps you develop your own opinions in return. I always encourage others to do their own research and ask their own questions to those they trust.
(i.e. Mother's, Nurses, Midwives, Friends etc..)

That's all for now, I should probably get more done around the house.

Have a wonderful evening!
Shannon <3

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