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Monday, August 27, 2012

Vaccinations: Do or Do Not?

This is something I've been doing research on and it's quite dizzying...

My husband and I are trying to decided if and when will we ever get our baby vaccinated.
Not a small choice to make.
We want to be responsible about this but find ourselves being torn in two directions!

No, study can firmly say any disorder or deadly condition is directly caused but having your child immunized. But then again the pendulum can also be swung the other way. Everything we've been reading is so one sided, go figure. But it's all about taking things with a grain of salt isn't it? 

I wish I could say I had a medical professional we trusted to talk to, I do trust my chiropractor and his wife as well as my midwife. But as to a medical professional of any other kind? That's tricky.... I've spent more time proving doctors wrong then they have proved me wrong. 
That's not said as a brag but as a genuine concern! 
We aren't super set one way or another yet but would like to gain insight before the baby comes and I are praying for a pediatrician we can trust with our baby. Only natural I think. :)

There's also the method of picking and choosing what you want your child vaccinated for too.
My first thought is one for tetanus... I know the energetic and adventurous of a child I was as well as my husband. I don't want to take any risks there that's for sure, and possibly the hepatitis series? After all that's a common thing for people to carry these days and have yourself exposed to. 

(Here's what the CDC says)

I'm planning to meet up with my chiropractors's wife to talk about this more.
My midwife is very delicate when speaking of such things because she believes it's a very personal choice. She offers books to read and other info but really wants to leave it up to the couple. 
I respect that!

(And here's what says)

So this is something we're still on the fence over...
I trust and know God will bring clarity, so much prayer will be going into this as well.

Well, those are my thoughts so far. 
Most likely will have some others on this topic at another point in time.

Shannon <3 

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