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Friday, August 17, 2012

Where to labor when the time comes....

Just had another apt with my midwife and she asked me a very good question...

"Have you given any thought on where you'd like to labor when the time comes?"

Yes, in fact.

I was one who just wasn't sure about the idea of water birth.
It sounded weird and a little gross to be honest.
So like anything I did research...

Come to hear personal stories, read them and read studies from medical professionals, that this method may indeed be better than any other way to spend your time when things start to build towards the grand finale. Ladies are saying it worked better than any artificial painkiller, the risk of tearing is drastically dropped, your body relaxes faster and allows faster progress etc...

Sounds great!

I have a pretty high pain tolerance and have been through some pretty intense stuff already.
Water has always been soothing to me and since I've been pregnant if I need time out for me a shower has been amazing!! This pleased my midwife and she said water would be awesome for me if that's the case. So we've decided water is the rout to go. Add to the fact I get regular chiropractic adjustments which also helps your body stay set and ready for the day your baby says "It's time! Here I come!"
Not to mention since I'm feeling better I'll be able to workout again and that's always a bonus.

I encourage those of you still unsure to do your own research on what looks best and safe for you and your baby when the time comes. There are great places on the web and some books that won't freak you out. Like the one I've been reading by Mr. And Mrs Sears, their section on labor is pretty informative and Mrs Sears gives her opinion on what felt best for her. I think they have 6 kids??
Can't remember...

This is something to figure out in early on so you don't feel pressure the closer you get to your due date!

Did you know laying on your back during labor and giving birth actually makes it harder on you and baby? Cuts off oxygen to the infant and gravity isn't there to help you, plus you're messing with your body's natural design in how it's meant to be when pushing. Sure some positions look kinda crazy and I've nixed several already haha but I do know the basics of gravity and I think it makes sense to be in a more forgiving position vs laying down on your back like many do. Some doctors insist that's the only way and if they try pressuring you, there's no problem in speaking you mind on what feels better!
I've heard/read this and it seems to make the birthing process one step easier on both you and baby.

This is a great article that helps explain more of what I've been talking about!

I'm not claiming to be an expert by any means, esp since I have yet to give birth but I'm going based off what common sense is telling me as well as my midwife and reliable research I've found/find.

I'm getting excited as I get closer to my due date and can't wait to know what it's like to accomplish something so amazing, even if there's pain... I look forward to saying I gave birth to one of God's biggest blessings He could ever give us!!! 

Have a great day,
Shannon <3 


  1. Amen! I am so glad to hear you are exploring your options. I feel really strongly about the health care system and child birth. Most of the time, they're just doing it all wrong. It sounds like you have an awesome midwife who is eager to listen to your needs and wants. That's such a blessing! I'm so glad you're not going into this blindly, but going in prepared and wanting to do things "outside the box" per say. It's definitely scary to start thinking about the birth process before you're there yet, but the only way to go is to have a plan.

  2. My midwife says some of her ladies haven't planned anything and the baby just comes...
    I was like "Ummmm no."

    But yeah, the medical system really doesn't have best in mind for a woman in labor/giving birth. The documentary I mentioned a few blogs back explains SO much and that really helped me feel like, "Hey, I can do this and do it a way where not only myself and the baby are safe, but my husband is comfortable as well." I highly, highly recommend watching it! It's called "Pregnant in America"

    Putting a plan together really isn't that hard anyway, just takes some time and research.
    But it's totally worth it! Brings peace of mind. <3