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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hormones are tricky little suckers!

Good Morning!

I'm blinking trying to wake up wishing I could kinda go back to bed here while my tummy says it's time to eat. I don't know about you but I've never been a big morning eater until now...

Which kind of annoys me to be honest. 
I've always enjoyed food, def not one of those girls who doesn't eat! I like my food and that's probably good, I burn my calories so fast I need to eat. Being pregnant has me feeling ravenous almost every hour to 2 hours. You sit there thinking, "Am I seriously getting hungry again, already?!"

And what hasn't helped is my surge of hormones with this being my 8-9 week stretch has my body finally giving up on keeping food down. Yup, I think I'm making good friends with the household toilets haha It's been fuuuuuuuuuuun.......

My midwife said having another rush of hormones sometimes makes the body freak out. I'm now told to drink cranberry juice in the morning with crackers and or rice cakes to help level out my already finicky blood sugar. She says this should pass in the next few weeks.

I've learned the following:

1. Don't eat a lot or else it doesn't stay down. Eat smaller meals. Yes, even if you're starving!

2. Eat when you start to feel hungry so it has a greater chance of staying down.

3. Always, always keep food with you and in you!

4. Water and gatorade are your friends more than ever.

5. The shameful Coke is MUCH better at easing an awful bout of sickness vs Ginger ale.
(I never drink Coke and when I did it was few and far between. However, if I nurse one all day if things are super yuck I find I can eat more and keep it down either longer or in general.)

6. When your body is changing this much most foods sound more like poison vs actual sustenance. 
So do your best to eat what sounds good or is bland in taste till you feel stable enough to try something with a little more flavor. Most fruit has been amazing for something mild yet with flavor!

My diet has consisted of the following:
Rice cakes
Protein bars with peanuts an such
Some grain bars
Some veggies
Meat when I'm stable enough to eat it
Some juice (Cranberry)
Water and Gatorade 
Apple sauce
Natural peanut butter
With a few random things I'll try here and there just to see....

Now some of you might think that's pretty good for somebody who's in her first trimester.
Which it may be.
I'm used to eating anything and almost everything.
So, this is torture haha

I'm dreaming about food.

How sad is that?!

I caved and went to Einstein Bagels the other day and ordered 2 Veg-Out's.
I was feeling pretty good and wanted to try some normal food.
That was probably the best day I had last week!! 
It tasted like heaven.

I said in a very sleepy state a few nights back, "I have a high pain tolerance but a low nausea tolerance." It's true. Def not something I've ever been good with. You can ask anybody in my family.
My Dad's the same way so I just blame him. :)

That brings me to my husband and family...
They have been amazing while I've been out of it and have really helped!!
Thank you guys, I love you SO much!!

Aside from my goofy stomach I've decided smell isn't the most valued sense out there...
I guess my Mom hasn't been crazy when she says the trash needs to go out because it stinks! haha
I've never had a good nose and to suddenly have one, this is different.

How is my skin?:
It went from trying its best to behave to not behaving at all.
The spike in hormones made it go a little batty and in that I've decided Juice Beauty has hands down the best cleansers I've ever tried!! I'm in love even more now.
I am noticing since I switched back to only their cleansers my skin is calming back down. 
Making for a very happy Aesty!!
It also helps speed up the broken capillaries that always come to the surface when I've been sick.
Kid you not, I will look like I have red freckles all over my face if I've had a nasty stomach thing going on. Not the prettiest but my husband tells me otherwise. He's one of those men every woman wishes she had, I'm blessed. So very blessed.

Current products of choice:

Juice Beauty's Acne cleanser for my evenings
(This will slap your unwanted friends upside the head and get them under control)

Juice Beauty's Exfoliating cleanser for my mornings
(Has soft Jojoba beads that feel wonderful)

Juice Beauty's Blemish control serum
(This is a dream serum after you've toned and need that all day action against hormonal skin)

Yes, I'm using other products from JB but these are the 3 that have really helped get me back on track!

Ah! Before I go....
The waldo Canyon fire claimed 2 lives in the end.
(A husband in wife found in their home)
Burned around 18,247 acres.
Claimed over 350 houses.
(Including the Flying W Ranch)
We are finally breathing clean air again!
(I'm loving this :)
Praise God as He preserved so much even in this disaster!

Well I'm done for now and will have another update after my first ultrasound apt!

Shannon <3 

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