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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A baby from conception.

Good Morning!!

The fire I mentioned before has now burned over 3,000 acres yet no homes or people have been struct down, this is truly grace! But we need rain and we need it bad... The heat is high and dry here so this isn't helping one bit. Those 450 some firefighters must be dying of heat being that close to those flames.

And speaking of heat.
This heat is the last thing I want to be feeling!
I'm not one who likes the whole dizzy and yucky tummy thing... Don't exactly know who would?
I still don't feel like I have to throw up but it's def got my attention to where I need crackers and now I'm trying some ginger ale to see if that helps. Swallowing something with bubbles feels amazing, water just makes it worse. Bubbles are our friend. :)

I'm starting to notice my flat tummy is looking a little more on the bloated side of things...
Now, the baby is still really small, not near big enough to have me show but your body starts transitioning organs that can be moved to make room for baby, plus you can hold a little more water. Esp in heat! 

I've also started noticing I can't wear my bras as long as I used to...
The underwire HURTS come dinner time and then I'm back in my sports bras. They are heaven!
There's a growing tightness in my chest as they're firming up in a very different way.
(Kinda feels like I killed myself on a hard workout.)
I will most likely be off to Motherhood Maternity for bras in the very near future.
I'm blessed to have worked there about 4 years back so i don't have to walk in and not have a clue what I'm looking for! I already know :) Underwires, I'm officially done.

My husband and I told my family yesterday (Sunday the 24th) and they were so happy!
haha My sister screamed and realized she's going to be an Auntie. She wanted to tell the world but Kyle (my husband) and I want to keep things hush hush till the second trimester. (If we can)
Between the death of my Pop Pop on my Dad's side and my Gram on my mom's side going downhill even more with her dementia, we kinda want to keep things chill...

However, before we know it the middle of Aug will be here and I'll be onto the second trimester!

I'm really looking forward too that, esp since these surging hormones really tend to mess with you as the baby is developing and growing at such a rapid rate. Anybody who says this isn't a baby is crazy! Do your research and you'll see how everything has such intricate design that only a Creator from above could've put together. This is a week by week miracle... It's a baby from conception.
"You knit me together in my mother's womb...."

Have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3

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