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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Guess who's pregnant?!

 I hope this day finds you all well!
Ready to follow me on yet another adventure??

Yes, it's indeed true... My husband and I are expecting our first baby!

Holy cow haha What a shock to the system! 

We had first planned on 5 years then kids, buuuut then it moved down to 3 years and then we took a look at our ages come next birthdays and we decided a year and then kids???
We decided a year.

Looking at it this way....
We'll both be 26 for starters.
And another key reason is with me still dealing with the side effects (sometimes daily) of the TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) I sustained over 10 years back it all made sense to not have me in my 30's when we decided to have a baby. However, we have only been married 7 months haha sooooo baby is coming a little earlier than planned. God must be up to something...

But going back to the age thing:

A. I'd always wanted to be in my mid 20's when I had kids.

B. It felt like a physically mature age to start a family and I would still be young enough physically and bounce back at a faster rate. Seems fair. Not to say in your 30's you can't bounce back fast or even in your 40's, I just always wanted to be in my 20's when a baby came into the picture.

Now there's the personal conflict issue:

I've always stated you need a year or more alone with your husband before you enter in the kid factor.
Which made sense seeing as if you've never lived with anybody before or shared your life on every level there is SO much to learn about your new husband or wife. And it's exciting!


God has a way of making us humble.
He'll smack ya on the head if He has to. *wink*
I'm at peace with the fact God knows what He's doing, and I'm very excited about this!!
My husband is floating on the clouds and smiling around every corner
and I'm still stuck in a state of wow... This is really happening... There's life growing inside me!
What a miraculous concept.

I'd like to document my pregnancy as the weeks and months roll by...
As not only a woman but as an Aesthetician this has me intrigued... Always has.
And now, I get to personally document my own experience! 

I'll keep you informed on my skin and what I'm using,
What I'm eating or not eating,
Fitness and the different outlook on all that entails,
Water and nutrition,
Midwife visits,
Weight and clothing choices etc...

I'm excited and cant wait to start!

Have a wonderful day,
Shannon <3

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