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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Early perspective on morning sickness....

Hopefully you are sleeping better than me these days?
Oi. I miss deep sleep right now :( And I know this isn't the last of my sleep deprivation....

The fire turned ugly as we watched it crest the ridge and burn a chunk of foothill homes on Tuesday evening. Kinda reminded me of that movie war of the worlds with how it look... Wednesday the smoke was AWFUL and I seriously can't deal with it any longer. Def starting to feel doubly sick. Over 15,000 acres burned and counting. No deaths or injuries!

Well, I have new respect for you ladies who have suffer with morning sickness.
Now I understand this is experienced in a different ways for everybody but still, I highly doubt ANYBODY finds it fun....Gee I wonder why....
A show of hands for fun? 
Now's your time to admit you actually enjoyed this part!
Still no?

I don't blame you.

Whereas I have no desire (still) to loose my lunch, I am def out of it due to all of this smoke until 4ish and even then I'm dragging but able to get up and walk around more. My husband and mother both have affirmed to me heat mixed with smoke mixed with morning sickness = not happy times!

Learning always:

I try to eat every 2 hours and always keep something in my tummy.
i.e. Fruit, crackers, bread, chicken soup

This does seem to help even though I'm starving and can't eat as much as I truly want without feeling blech! Not a fun thing for somebody who loves to eat, who needs to eat lol I enjoy a good meal and come from a family that loves to cook. My husband can cook too so I'm pretty blessed!!


I feel better knowing morning sickness is a sign of the placenta is growing at a rapid rate and this indicates you most likely have a very healthy developing baby. This makes me smile. :) I am told this should ease up between 12 and 14 week of pregnancy. Praying for 12....

** Those Preggy Pop Drops have been a lifesaver as well! Not to mention they taste great!
I would say any mom who feels like poo should try them, they worked on an upset tummy prior to pregnancy for me as well. (The only reason I know that is I bought them one day when I was working at Motherhood Maternity and I felt kinda sick. Worked really well! Sold them quickly after that haha)

I have developed that "yuck reflex" to most foods and sadly to some of my favorites!
This. Not cool. 
I tried something yesterday and Ooooo bad mistake. Anything with onions and garlic really doesn't like me right now. So my diet is fairly neutral. Which they say to keep it as such till you begin to feel better.
Okay. It's boring. ;)

I'm meeting a friend for breakfast to tell her I'm pregnant and am praying I can get myself in gear to actually get out the door... I hate leaving the house right now. Hate. It. But I miss her and really need to pick her brian. Her husband is my chiropractor and I can tell I need adjusted buuuut don't want to just go in, I know the 1st trimester is a tricky one and I need to know how he cared for her when she was pregnant. I trust her and know I'll get amazing advice! I trust her husband as well because he's the best and has been with me through a lot, mainly the TBI. His adjustments seriously saved me from a world of permanent hurt and possible need of medication. (And you all know I don't like meds)

Better take off!

Shannon <3 

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