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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let the pregnancy documenting begin!!

It's a good morning but kinda noisy.... 
We have a fan along with our AC running so it's less than quiet lol
Let me see if I can think enough to write....

I first want to mark this blog with the events of the closest wildfire yet to home.
Waldo Canon is currently burning and it started at 1:00 p.m. yesterday 6.23.12
and is still burning today, so far over 2,500 acres burn madly and places as close as Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods have been evacuated. Have yet to look at the news this morning but know if we don't get this fire under control hundreds of people will be loosing their homes and millions of dollars will be burned away as it will touch some of our most expensive houses around.
My family and I are safe, it would have to burn through the entire city to reach us but we can still be effected by falling ash and poor breathing conditions. Not so good when pregnant or when you have a sister who has nasty asthma. We're praying for rain!

But back to the babyness!

Well, there isn't one yet obviously but there is a baby in there, my lab results proved it yesterday when I went to go pick them up. It was like looking at an odd math problem when she handed it to me so I asked for some education on how to read it. My score was 12319, this means I'm anywhere between 5 to 6 weeks pregnant!! Which was my actual guess, 4 weeks being the low.

So I now have 4 at home tests and some lab work that def confirm my husband and I are expecting our first baby! God creates miracles and who are we to judge on His timing?

First symptoms:

1. My skin was doing amazing after all the major BC (Birth control) issues I've had, I even canned it over 6 months back and was still having nasty issues with my body. So to say the least I was thrilled!
Now around my cycle it would still go kinda batty in the hormonal zones but I could manage it since my body was finally trying to play nice(er). Well my skin started doing it's pre-cylce thing but way too early so I got confused... Hmmmmmm
I wasn't stressed out,
I was eating well,
Working out and using great product.
Nothing awful now mind you, juuuust enough to annoy the daylights out of this poor Aesty who thought she had found balance. 

2. I started having cramping so I figured ah okay here it comes, earlier than the last 2 months but oh well. I guess I'll regulate again one day... *shlump* 
Before BC I could practically tell you the date and time it would start! 
Now? Psh! Yeah. Right.
This cramping felt normal yet it didn't and it was going on for about a week and no period.
What the heck??
This would be new for me seeing as I've never had something like this but I wasn't putting anything past my body at this point. I just figured it was trying reeeeeally hard to regulate. 

3. Breast tenderness to the extreme! I hated hugs and my bras were becoming painful to wear all day. And this was going on 3 or more weeks haha End of story. 

4. Feeling kinda blah after odd combinations of food.
I had a wedding for my gf Karrie and she had some random yummies there, plus I enjoyed some champagne and a glass of wine. On my way home and by the time I got home I felt sickish. Though I counted it to the fact I ate a lot of food but an odd combination and maybe that last glass of wine just wasn't sitting well with all I ate....

6. No sign of a period. 
I have a website that helps me track my goofy self and they were saying that now I may be 8 days late.
Am I? Was I?
I felt weird and it was growing vs diminishing.
After talking with my husband he begged me to take a pregnancy test so I did.
2 pink lines after 5 min of waiting and we both started crying, this was a happy, happy moment!
I took the at home test on June 19th and then again on the 20th. 
Had my blood test on the 22nd and got my result on the 23rd.

Now my symptoms have grown in the last:

A. I'm constantly STARVING but need to watch what I eat or else I feel blah. 
However if I don't eat I feel worse. No desire to toss cookies, just yuck.
Mexican food has sat better than peanut butter bread, figure that out!

B. I am getting very, very tired and desire naps and early bedtimes. I'm going to bed early and crashing 5 min after I'm down there... I'm waking up around 4 and restless from there on out. OR I just might fall back asleep but wake up at 6 or 6:30 and be "wide awake" and needing to feed myself asap. If I don't Oi... Yuck tummy. 

C. I'm feeling more emotional and I'm not a super emotional person so this is different...

D. Very restless sleep starting at around 4 a.m. (Like I had mentioned) and leg cramps that sometimes are with me most of the day. Which isn't fun since this was a left behind side effect that also came form the head injury. haha YAY! 

What's up with my skin you may ask?:
It's calming down and behaving nicer for now so I'm pretty pleased!
I've been using the Peppermint Milk cleanser by Ann Webb's line called Skin for hormonal skin.
Just started using jojoba oil to remove my makeup and as a nighttime moisturizer, so I'm still in the testing phase but so far so good. Fingers crossed!
And using Dessert Essence Tea Tree oil for those little pests I'm almost done killing.
Now I of course use other stuff as well, but these are my newbies to try and control the newest hormonal issues and I'm pretty darn pleased at both the results and the price I'm NOT paying!
(Can be bought at Whole Foods or

All in all I've always had great skin it's just odd for somebody who went from 0 breakouts to suddenly having some in the proper hormonal zones after having BC because that stuff seriously messed me up!
Here's a link to my blog I wrote on it.

Well, that's about it for now until I find out more from a midwife.
Really pushing for a midwife as I'm not cool with the whole hospital thing.
I want things to be smooth and calm.
I emailed a midwife I found online and she responded with such wonderful help already!
Hoping to set up and apt sometime this week or next.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3

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