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Thursday, July 26, 2012

10 1/2 Weeks pregnant!

We are having a massive heat wave here in CO and boy is it tough...

As I stated, I've never felt heat like this before it's insanity, pure insanity!
Lucky for me we now have 2 AC units in the house, I don't know who in their right mind thinks you don't need that out here. You're crazy! Sure it's not humid heat but still... Oi.

I had my first official midwife apt yesterday!!
She is absolutely wonderful, we loved her from the moment we met her.
Not only is she soft spoken and knowledgable, she's Christian.
Talk about an answer to prayer!
She got my file all in order, took some blood, pee in a cup, had my weight logged (I've gone from 125 to 132) and my first ultrasound. Busy but very relaxing at the same time.
When she took my blood I seriously would've never guessed she stuck something in my arm!
If it wasn't love before, it is now.

The best part was the ultrasound!!

She put the little wand thing over my stomach and to instantly see this little baby pop up on the screen was breath taking..... I'm not far along but to see how this little person indeed looks like a little person at such a young stage is mind blowing!! You could see arms, legs not to mention toes and a heart beating... This little flicker at a fast paced sound was my baby's heart!! I'm still in a state of shock as it's hard to wrap my head around this miracle taking place. What an amazing thing to witness.
My husband instantly had a grin from ear to ear and my mom started to cry... Reality of this little life is really sinking in. I'm loving every moment!!

Almost every moment haha

To say I'm tired of not being able to eat like I used to or want to is beyond old. 
Some foods are starting to sound good to me FINALLY! However, after a week straight of throwing up nearly everything I ate to a week of not throwing anything up and being able to eat a little more to being back to that middle of the road blech... It's makes one very worn out! Evenings are the worst for me so I'm usually slightly hungry when headed to bed. But I'm also dead tired so I may crash but then wake up with this need to eat or perish type deal. This I would say is my biggest annoyance.
My diet has expanded a little though so I can't really 100% complain about that. Esp since food is starting to smell good once again. Heaven. Sheer heaven.
Kinda addicted to fruit....

I have gained some weight and my midwife is very pleased.
(I guess there's either a 10 lb loss or gain in the first trimester.)
I'm shocked that I have but then again some clothes are kinda tight and really not fitting me the same way... I just watched Backup Plan" with Jennifer Lopez and I can almost relate to her outburst when none of her clothes fit properly. Well, at least my tighter stuff and most if not all of my jeans.
(I'm doing the hair band thing in the button hole to the button thing now. No goofy belly band for me!)
haha Yes, I have this little tummy thing going and it's a very different view from the flat one I had just a few weeks back. In reality it's not the baby yet per say... Just my body shifting and moving stuff inside and some minor bloating. The baby is a little smaller than a Kelly Doll from Barbie but will be twice that next week! Crazy huh? Now wonder your body and skin freak out, this little guy is gaining such hormonal speed to double their size in one week's time! Now it makes sense...
Not such a baggy shirt anymore.....

My skin is doing its own pregnancy thing.
Clearing up in one respect but staying testy in others.
Remember me saying those broken capillaries looked pretty nasty?
Well Juice Beauty has this Antioxidant serum that has melted away my sorrows and you wouldn't even know I had any issues! It's also one that can be used under your eyes which is a double life saver for those sleepless nights. This line makes me smile. :)

I heard your hair sometimes can fall out when you get pregnant...
Having long hair till my sister took a good 5 inches off I was used to shedding some.

But this.
Holy cow!!

I'm loosing hair like there's no tomorrow and it's driving my husband nuts as he tries to mud the walls in our bathroom he's building. Kinda makes me laugh but hey, it's not forever. And I have thick hair too so no worries. Just feel like a dog loosing it's winter coat. ;) 
I stripped my bed this morning and could've collected enough hair off my pillowcase for a child's wig!
haha Just kidding, but I do find this pretty funny.

I should stop here and prevent myself from anymore babbling.
It's time to go find something to eat... 
Dinner is being prepped and it smells glorious so I need to find something to hold me over! On the menu tonight is meatloaf, with stove top potatoes and some sorta undecided veggie. It's gonna be good. 

Shannon <3


  1. That's crazy about the hair! I never knew your hair could fall out when you're pregnant, but it totally makes sense due to the hormonal changes. My hair already falls out a ton on it's own. I imagine it would be horrific when pregnant! Thanks for documenting your story, Shannon. I love reading about it already :)

  2. You're welcome Melissa, it's helped me cope when days are iffy and it makes me more excited each blog I write!! But yeah, the hair thing is NUTS cause I had enough shedding before as well. There are shampoos an such you can use and I've only learned of one but it's kinda $$$$$ Soooooo I'm looking for another. Thanks for reading them! <3