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Friday, September 7, 2012

Your baby shower: Chew on this...

True, it may be a bit early to be thinking of the baby shower but I'm too excited not to!

That being said...

There are things that need to be communicated to whomever will be planning your event for you. I believe it's important to voice concerns and/or wishes, this is after all for you, your husband and your coming baby! There are 2 topics I'd like to cover in this blog and they are as follows...

The guest list.

1. You have the people you really want, and will invite.

2. The people you have to invite that you may not be close to but they may be close to your parents.
(This area you do have play room but it's a matter of choosing the people you know as well. This is not an event for strangers.) 

To have kids or not to have kids?
All of this of course depends on...

 1.The location it's being held.

2. How many guests you end up inviting and how many kids they have in their family.

3. Are those kids well behaved?

4. Do you want to risk the distraction and possible disruption of the party?

**These are two key things I think you as the guest of honer need to ponder over, unless you're okay with whatever. That's cool too!

I come from a vast social circle and the list could get very big, very quickly! 
I don't really want that, I'd prefer something a little more intimate.
I plan on giving the hostess a pre-made list of people I'd like there. :)

I have also decided I don't want kids there.
The space I know won't be very big and I'm wanting the cost to stay in a reasonable range. I don't see the need for lots of money to be spent. This may be an unpopular thing to think when it comes to not wanting children there but I've seen plenty of mom's on message boards who agree and have voiced the same. Remember, the idea is to keep stress off your hostess, her comfort level should be a concern  to you. If she's stressed, you'll probably be stressed. You don't need that!
Now there also needs to be understanding for the friend who can't find a sitter and still REALLY wants to come, because you REALLY want her there! At that point you make sure they understand there won't be entertainment for their kiddo and they'll need to be kept occupied. You might be cool with having kids there, and that's great! Might fit with what's being planned...
Just know you do have the final say.

How do you word an invitation when it comes to saying no kids??

"This will be an adult only event, so kindly leave your children at home. Thank you!"

"Due to lack of space and cost we're asking no children be brought. Thank you!"

"We won't be having entertainment for the kiddos, adults only please. Thank you!"

Those are a few ideas and they can always be tweaked to fit better with however your invite is set up. Make sure to talk to your hostess and explain what you're feeling, she'll be able to help! The last thing you want to do is insult somebody but you also want it comfortable for you.

Whatever you decide, just make sure the lines of communication are wide open and you're careful at how things are worded so nobody gets insulted. That's the last thing you want to do!
And talk about who you want on the guest list... Do you want a small event or a bigger one?
Not internalizing and talking with the hostess will help take that burden off your shoulders!

Be blessed and remember to relax,
Shannon <3 

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