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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Feeling" Pregnant!

Loving me some fall weather, makes me feel less sluggish!! 

Also because, I'm finally sleeping on a steady basis now vs before when I wasn't sleeping at all. That was pure hell! I'm somebody that if I don't get sleep I seriously can't function.
What caused my lack of sleep?
One of those "Feeling" pregnant things, congestion.
Mine has the tendency to be so awful I simply can't breathe and when I try to sleep with my mouth open (Which, let's face it... Not attractive!) I'd wake up coughing due to the "dry throat woes" I mentioned before in an earlier blog. I tried sleeping on an incline and that wasn't good and the idea of taking something just wasn't on my list of options. So I found Breathe Right Strips and they have been my saving grace!! I've been sleeping and it's glorious.

Another "Feeling" pregnant thing I've noticed is the fact my gums and nose have been bleeding some...
In the 5th month there's such and increase of blood to those areas of the body that you might experience such things. Sometimes I'll spit out a mouth full of blood and I was brushing with a soft tooth brush and being gentle. My dentist has assured me my gums are healthy and my teeth are looking great considering how much a threw up. This was good to hear.

"Feeling" pregnant has come in the form of my ever growing bust size!
I seriously didn't think they'd get this big and to now find it difficult to cross my arms and grab either side of my shirt and to take it off... Very interesting. Adding insult to injury nursing bras are still not as comfy as my JCP or Victoria Secret ones. (Which I'm missing terribly btw!)
It's already looking like I'll be needing to buy another size in my sports bras as well. 
(I've done this once already.)

There are sometimes random pains that I've talked about before that change as you get bigger.
These pains can either make you stop and take a moment, or they don't phase you what so ever.
Most of the time it's the second, I don't think much of it and I can keep doing whatever I was up to.
Nothing has truly alarmed me, only once did I second guess what was going on.
You do get used to this in the long run. It's really not a big deal, just another daily thing.
A newer pregnant "Feeling" is the stretching of my abdominals, this simply feels like I've killed myself on a workout. I have a thick abdominal wall and it made for what I thought was a cute and toned tummy pre pregnancy. This is proving to feel really weird some days! Yet, kinda cool.

Food cravings haven't been ANYTHING like I thought they would be.
I'm pretty neutral and might think of something I HAVE to have but most days I'll simply try to be balanced and eat what sounds best. There are still days that I can't or refuse to eat certain foods.
 What's annoying I guess is when I'm so tired I have to force myself to eat cause that usually means I'm slightly nauseated from my lack of energy. But I always make due :) Hello Cheerios! 

My skin has def decided it "Feels" pregnant!
It's cleared up in areas and looks amazing.
While a few select places that indicate hormone activity is high don't always like to behave...
Here's a DIY blog I wrote on my new cleaning system that has REALLY helped!!
Also drinking plenty of water and taking my vitamins have been a great perk.
My water of choice is fresh lemon & lime.

There are so many other things my body is doing at this stage of pregnancy and each thing is different and gets my attention in different ways. i.e. The baby's movements becoming stronger as the weeks go by!!! Like little rollings or swishes in your gut. So cool!!!

I could go on some more but really need to get something to eat for a hungry husband and a hungry me.
Have a wonderful day!

Shannon <3 

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