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Friday, September 21, 2012

Diapers pt1

What are some of the first things you think of when you become pregnant or before you plan on getting pregnant? A few things come to mind right?

General cost
Doctor or midwife
Hospital or home birth
Formula or breast fed
Family history


I started pricing them before I got pregnant and about died.
I remember when my sister was born a case was $10 not $40!
I bought 2 cases already and have spent $80 on just 2... That's wrong.
What happens later on down the road when I need to buy more??
Eugh. Not the happiest thought.

I remembered the first family I was a nanny for and they used cloth diapers, that had my attention but I didn't think too much about it seeing as I was only 14 and only had to change the baby not clean the diapers. The mother refused to make me do it, she didn't want that on my shoulders as I chased her little guy all over the house. Which I really appreciated at the time. Still do. But I was always curious about the true difference each type made. For a time I thought cloth was nasty and not worth it.
Then the cost of disposable was brought to my attention years later...


When doing research I found an article (Which I lost and don't have to show you) that came from a family's perspective on disposable vs cloth. I was held by how they spoke of each, I found it very informative and valued their own sacrifice in trying both routs in order to come up with the cost/labor factors. In the end they said you can save up to $800+ a year if you use cloth!
That's some great savings if you ask me and my family friend who I spoke with yesterday agreed. They save money and if it's done right, also saves you time and energy.
I was informed you had to do laundry every day and I was like "Noooooo way!" and I didn't like the idea of the smell. Which she quickly showed me if you buy a certain bag (You only need 2) and you buy enough covers w/inserts you can wait for up to 5 days. Maybe even 7. This sold me!

The saving money,
The lack of smell in her house (And it had been 5 days),
The simplicity of it all and how the covers she bought grew with the infant,
Same concept with the inserts....

This is the website she had me look into and it's the only one she'll shop from unless she finds exactly what she wants on craigslist. And she said that can be tricky. But this site usually has fantastic sales!

Her favorite covers are and what I'll be purchasing:

I need to have her email me the inserts she loved more and the extra little guy you stick in for long road trips or night time sleeping...... I know she has both of the following but one is her FAVORITE!

Chinese fold

Indian fold

She also showed me how to make reusable baby wipes for cheap.
I LOVED this as well, not only are you saving more cash you're controlling the ingredients used on your baby's skin! I will save that for another blog tho ;)

All in all I want to provide my infant with the best care possible and save w/out scraping away at that. Loving and providing for your family is utterly priceless! I know I can't protect my baby from everything harmful out there cause it's not like we're back in the day where fresh food was always available and literally in your back yard. Products were taken from nature before disgusting chemicals and junk were added. Etc... I am looking for savvy ways to live and safer ways to provide some protection. Esp since there are some disposable diapers that leak harmful substances out while your little one is wearing them. On sensitive skin this may cause more diaper rashes and all the fun that can go with it. (That's not including diet and other factors)

Literally cloth diapers cost 1 tenth of what disposable do.
It could cost $66 a month for disposable...that's just in diapers. Yuck!
Remember, I bought 2 cases and that already cost me $80.00
(Guess what I'm returning asap...)

Finding the sales for cloth and having connections in knowing what's best really helps break down the cost. For instance, cotton babies is having a sale on the covers I want and I was told I need at least 12. Buying all 12 now would cost $111(and some odd cents) plus free shipping! That's cheap!

There are other tips and tricks I was told but need to email the family friend as I'm drawing a blank... But I know it saves time and more money. I'll have to write another blog updating you on how i'm planning my adventure in cloth diapering, we'll call this Diapers pt1

I'm pretty excited to start this next step in gathering more baby items :)

Hope you have a wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 

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