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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Foods that have saved my hungry pregnant tummy!

I must admit, this 2nd trimester is a ton easier to deal with the whole hunger thing vs the 1st!
I swear no matter how much I ate during the first I was NEVER full and always ready to make my break for the bathroom. So incredibly blessed to have that behind me! (I can't say it enough)

Just got back from the store with my Mom and was thinking over a few things and of course food was one of them. Though I'm not ravenous 24/7 like I used to be, I still get really hungry and on rare occasions there might be something I must have and can't stop thinking about till I get it. But that is rare, as I stated before I'm not going nuts with constant cravings. 
Which I find really odd considering how much I enjoy eating. haha 

There are some foods that have been a true hunger/tummy saver for me during this pregnancy and I thought I'd share a few and then kinda explain the value they have... 

Here are some of the foods that have saved my hungry pregnant tummy!

This is considered and energy food for pregnancy and is rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D.
Shockingly more than milk.
I go for brands that have the active cultures in it, it's a nice way to keep the body balanced.

Another energy based food but also very high in fiber as well as disease-fighting agents.
This fruit contains boron which is a wonderful little mineral that keeps you going.

(Or more like peanut butter for me):
It's a high calorie food and very filling, this also keeps you going.
Eating this helps keep you from running towards something you shouldn't eat.

These help maintain your digestive track which is healthy for everybody but esp to a pregnant woman.
They aid in reducing body cramping, depression and lower stress levels.

This cereal has a great system for calories needed, fiber, whole grains, vitamin B6 and much more.
It stays with you for a while so I've been eating a bowl each night before bed so my blood sugar doesn't drop. It helps and does exactly what I need it to.

Lemon/lime water:
Not only does this type of water make for a kick butt hydrator but it keeps the digestive track healthy.
A great anti-inflammatory and aid with respiratory health.
Wonderful for cancer prevention.
I have found I will drink more if I have lemon and or lime in my water.

Salads are a tasty way to get greens and veggies in you!
And you can add anything from meat, egg, cheese etc as extra goodies to boost you meal or side portion of your meal.

They are full of vitamin C (Yes, kind shocked to learn that one myself), good for of iron and copper as well as a buck load of other nutrition.

A carb based food that'll add some zing to your step so you can keep up with your other kids or job.
Has vitamin A, folic acid, potassium and low on the bad fats.

**I also add some salt to food now, or more so than I ever have before 
(And it's still not that much! I never used salt before only on select foods, very select.).
I learned in an article my midwife gave me that salt helps support the process of the new blood cells your body makes while pregnant. Thus a craving for a little more salt is noticed. 

These are my core num nums and of course I'm eating other foods but this is my staple stack.
They are easy to prep or not prep, fast to grab if I'm in a rush or really tired.
All around they keep me feeling good about grabbing something!

Yes, I cave and eat some junk but not much. I never like how I feel afterwards tho so that's always a great reminder to behave. That sluggish blah is never welcome, I'm tired enough as it is. ;)

That's about it for now, I'll leave you with that and be about my day as I have some minor cleaning to do and dinner to check on. We're making eggplant, pepper and spicy sausage tomato pasta sauce tonight! Makes me hungry just thinking of it....

Have a wonderful evening,
Shannon <3 

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