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Thursday, January 17, 2013

When a family member dies...

Today marks a very key moment in the history of my pregnancy...

My Gram passed away at 11:54 a.m. peacefully with us beside her assuring her of our love and how it was okay to let go. That it was okay to go home to Jesus and go be with my Grandfather, he was waiting for her and couldn't wait to take her dancing again! She loved to Jitterbug :) 

I have been bedside with many people but had never been there when they passed, this was a first. I am so blessed to have watched God's hand come down and take her so quietly. That was our prayer, to go in peace. You don't always get that when their lungs begin to fill with fluid.
We count ourselves truly blessed. 

The nurses found her early this morning with a fever of 104 and the realization she had developed more than just a chest cold and a UTI. She couldn't express the discomfort she was in as she had advanced dementia and it had rendered her without words, the desire to eat was gone and she no longer knew who anybody was. However, she did always have a tender smile when I told her about the baby... She rubbed my tummy the last time I saw her and smiled. The only smile we could get out of her came from the idea of this precious unborn baby. If that isn't God's grace I don't know what is!

My Gram was baby crazy!
She would always, ALWAYS be asking my husband and myself when we planned on having a baby and we always would say later, not yet. Little did when know it was right around the bend! When she learned she was going to be a Great-Grandmother (Again, I believe there are 3 before our little guy) it instantly brightened her day and gave her something to look forward to when I would go see her. I'll never forget when she told me she thought I gained too much weight! I guess you put a belly on a small frame and it looks massive to some. That moment has always made me smile. 

Something inside always told me she'd go before the baby and I knew it meant I wouldn't be able to fly back for the funeral. God gave me the gift of being with her as she passed so I was able to have closure. My parents will be flying back to attend and help with the funeral and my sister will stay behind to be with me as my husband works long hours and she has shorter. This will be awesome just in case baby comes a little early. However my mom has told this little one to wait till they come back. 

It's a relief to know she's in heaven free and able to be the woman she's always dreamed of being!
She was 85 years old.

Gram with me on the day I got married

I loved my Gram and will miss her dearly!
What an amazing thing to realize I'll see her again on the other side.

Betty (Grammie)
One of my favorite pictures from 2010, Christmas Eve...
She LOVED sweets, I snapped this photo while she was sneaking some before dinner.

Betty went home to be with God and is finally free!


Shannon <3 

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  1. I am praying for you guys. My heart hurts for you all, but I rejoice because the Lord is still good. I am also praying that you can hold back till your parents get home. If you guys need anything, anything at all, call. Don't hesitate. (even if it's just to vent.)