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Monday, January 7, 2013

Third Trimester Pampering!

So by this stage you may not feel so attractive, energetic or very clear when it comes to thinking...

You might be looking over your grown body and thinking things like,
"Those aren't my legs or my butt!"
"I miss my ability to bend over and get it myself..."
"When will I be able to roll over in bed and NOT grunt or groan?"
"My feet are kiiiillling meeee!"
"I want to get comfy so my husband can massage my back better but I have this mellon in my way..."
"Have I always looked this way when I wake up in the morning? *gasp*"

Yes, you are a 3rd tri mommy-to-be!

However, your husband is probably still looking at you and your body with adoring eyes and saying how gorgeous you are and that he loves the changes and knows you'll need some emotional support to get back into your pre baby jeans when you're tired and frustrated they didn't just snug back on a week afterwards. Those thoughts seem to start sneaking their way into your mind the closer your due date comes. You begin to think over things and process your plan of attack but won't know exactly what that looks like till after you've had your little bundle and you see how you're feeling. I've been reminding myself to simply take it one day at a time after our son comes. I know there will be days of frustration but I also know it's not impossible! I refuse to kill myself because rest is vital after baby and without that rest I won't heal properly and I won't have the proper energy I need as a new mom. 

I've been trying to plan out a way to pamper myself before and after baby for over a month now and have finally come up with some options for us pregnant or one day in the future pregnant mommies!

Here is what I've come up with:

1. Don't stress out on the little things! They will get done when they get done.

2. Drink water and if you doubt how much you've had have 2 more glasses or bottles. 
You'll feel much better!

3. Try your best to keep your diet in line. 
It's so hard not to "cheat" these last several weeks because you're beyond ready to be done!

4. Plan out beauty apts for the last month of pregnancy!

a. Have your hair redone or changed up a bit for a fresh feeling/outlook...

b. Have a mani/pedi so you feel a little more "put together" when you go into labor...

c. Get a facial or massage or both!

5. See if there's anything in your current at home skincare/body care routine that could use some updating. This is also vital! You may not be sleeping much for the first month or so and some extra help in the healing/preservation process wouldn't hurt.

A new nightly moisturizer
Intensive eye cream
Healing treatments/oils for your skin/body
Hydrating shampoo & conditioner to help with post birth hair
Some new concealer and mascara for brighter eyes and blush for cheek color

6. As you asked for those special snacks when pregnant, ask for them again after to help boost your mood/energy levels. ESP if they're healthy!
(Mine is a berry cup from the store!! SO YUM!!)

7. Consider placenta encapsulation for hormonal help/healing post baby.

8. Buy yourself a few new clothing items even if it's just underwear and yoga pants!

9. If you need more than one bath or shower a day to feel refreshed, do it!

10. Keep away from negative people and online drama as much as possible, this is mental pampering and you will need it more than ever now! If somebody pisses you off you tend to feel it tenfold even when you're not trying to take it personally. Keep things around you as calm as possible, esp since now is when you'll feel Braxton Hicks or a sudden drop in blood sugar or energy if you get too upset.

I have invested in a few home skin products so I probbly won't treat myself to a facial or massage but am dying to have these treatments, not gonna lie... You also have to budget out what you is doable for you and your family, for me it'll be a couple more pedi's and my hair! (I need to see a change on top of my head!) For now I'm happy to have a new chiro that's helping take most of my back pain away and is helping me keep things relaxed these last 4 weeks of pregnancy! 

Current hair 01/07/2013

I've also been trying to spend more time praying when I wake up at night. This time of pregnancy you might feel things stirring in your heart and praying is the only thing that calms me. That and asking my husband to hold me close, his arms and warmth are a heavenly blessing! 

These are things to consider and I'm not you HAVE to do them all.
Heck, put your own list together! This is your life and your body after all :)

Have a glorious rest of your day,
Shannon <3 

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  1. I’m glad that you still found time to pamper yourself despite your condition. And it can be quite helpful in reducing the discomfort that you usually feel when you’re expecting. And all that pampering you'll receive will definitely leave you refreshed at the end of the day. Cheers!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station