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Saturday, January 5, 2013

"We're in the home stretch Hunny!"

**Based off of 01/03/2013**

I needed to hear this from my husband last night as I was BEYOND uncomfortable, felt really off, had some intense Braxton Hicks, couldn't eat much because I felt sick etc... It was a rough night before I got into bed. My husband said he hates seeing me like that but gets excited because he knows baby is almost ready to come. I agree! However miserable I was it did bring hope that things are almost done, as I am VERY ready!!! It's a daily thought and I will often have to stop and pray my way through tough moments of just all around yuck. Nothing beats a trip to Wally World while having Braxton  Hicks and being around grumpy people.... They don't really hurt per say as much as they are a thorn in the side and you just want that "wringing" feeling to stop while you're around so many people.

Hearing the words, "We're in the home stretch Hunny!" from my husband is such a HUGE help!

Here's an odd thing about the 3rd trimester and feeling off....

You have 2 ways of responding to it:

a. You're just so out of it all you can literally do is chill. Nothing else. Any task is too much!

b. You're out of it but you have to get out and walk or you need to at least get something small done around the house.

I was b. yesterday, total yuck but couldn't sit still. In a way getting out helps.
I didn't go out alone, I went out with mom for a bit and it was really nice to have a woman to talk with. At this stage of the game going out alone when you feel off just isn't a smart move.

My son was VERY active and that wasn't always comfy but I wouldn't change it for the world because it indicates he's healthy. I felt instantly better once in bed and watching my husband's face light up as he felt our little one roll around and respond to his daddy's voice.
It's the little things that change everything!

I'm reminding myself that even though it feels like my belly is about to fall off when I walk (esp since he's started to drop) and I'll start to feel more and more weird as the weeks count down to labor, I am reminded of God's design for a woman's body and how we never really know what we'll really feel until we're there. You know in your heart if it's your body prepping or if something's wrong. The thing to not let your head do is freak out, baaaad move! Trust your gut. I believe part of my feeling so off is due to the fact my body is now producing very small amounts of colostrum.
Hello newest onset of hormones!

5 weeks and counting......
Here's praying it's 5 weeks or less haha
I really want a healthy baby who's ready when he's ready so I tell him,
"No, rush. But yeah, hurry up and finish baking!! Don't come early on account of what Mommy wants! We want you safe and if that means a whole 5 weeks. Oi. That means 5 more weeks."

Shannon <3


  1. Wow, Shannon, sounds like you've had a rough day! I'm so glad to hear you have the support of your family and husband, though. I'll be praying for you and baby Pase!

  2. Was def one of those days you seriously can't wait for bed haha But it ended well! Thank you for the prayers Melissa <3