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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A budget for your pregnancy Pt 1: The Basics!

Starting at a very early age we begin to dream in our little hearts of what we want for our lives...

Most little girls start dreaming of their prince coming to sweep them off their feet, getting down on one knee and give them a gorgeous ring and then start planning the perfect wedding! Other thoughts that dance around our heads are plans of one day starting a family and having children of our own. The feeling of our own babies in our arms and the intoxication of drinking in their scent and dazzling over their little hands and feet. A baby is one of those moments in our lives we will never, ever, ever forget!!!

But it costs to be pregnant and have a baby doesn't it?

I don't think we always think of those costs when we decide it's time to start a family...

I didn't.

A few costs kinda snuck up on me... Great learning experience, that's for darn sure!

Let's start with the basics:

**Pregnancy tests.
You will most likely buy a few for home and keep them there but you'll also want to have it confirmed with a blood test. The cost of this really depends on location, insurance coverage or lack of coverage. Will you also be seeking to have it expanded to guess your current state of gestation?
$50.00 +

Congratulations!!! You're going to be a mommy!!!

**Are you planning to stay with your OB, a midwife who works in a hospital or one that does births out of home? Again, you're looking at insurance coverage or lack of coverage. This will include visits, ultra sounds, blood work and any other test you or your provider may or may not want/need you to have. 
$2,000 + 
(Or under)

**But your body is about to change in such drastic ways... Ways you didn't even know possible!
Are you planning on using any massage therapy or chiropractic care to help keep your body conditioned for birth? These methods when used properly can help not only cut down pain and laboring time (usually), they also create a healthier pregnancy for both you and baby. Massage is usually paid out of pocket unless they're part of a chiropractic office and both may be covered by some (Not all) insurance. 
For chiro alone (Which I HIGHLY recommend!!) your cost may or may not start at,
$450.00 and this is based off a package deal. 

You're now pretty set for some big physical help to guide you through this amazing time but you're still forgetting a key factor... Your vitamins!

**You'll be needing at least a Prenatal and DHA supplement.
You may or may not need extra iron, calcium or vitamin C etc... This is what they'll help you figure out in your blood work. A lot of what you'll be needing on top of your supplements will be in your diet, can't just rely on those vitamins to feed and grow your bundle! You need nutrition in what you eat to double what you take in pill form. This will also depend on location of purchase, size and what you can afford. 
Let's start low... And no, low cost doesn't mean terrible product.
$10.00 per bottle +

**Your food budget probably will go up as you deal with the special needs of morning sickness, cravings and additional needs. So factor that in as well. Just keep track of healthy cravings vs not so healthy and look for local co-ops such as Bountiful Baskets to help you get fresh produce, grains and other needed things for a growing belly/household!

These are a big deal when having a baby!

We don't always think of what it takes for us to have a healthy pregnancy and these are key factors that help keep both you and baby strong. It's really smart to think of these things before you get pregnant. Or if you're like me you didn't quite plan on getting pregnant so soon and some of these things snuck up on you! Esp if you decided to fire your OB and go a more holistic rout, insurance doesn't always cover that or at least all of it. The blessing for us is any lab work or medical shots are covered! 
(Rh factor for myself, it's not a vaccination. It's a treatment.)  
Praise God because lab work isn't always cheap!!

Keep an eye out for Pt 2 coming soon :)
Thought of and maybe not so thought of beauty basics for your changing body...

Have a glorious day,
Shannon <3 

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