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Monday, November 5, 2012

Feeling the baby move!!

The much anticipated thing each pregnant mommy waits for....

Feeling her baby move inside of her!!!

I started feeling little "popping" like popcorn back in early Sept but on the 17th I was wowed by the sudden strong movements of my baby wiggling about one evening. I asked my husband if he wanted to try and feel the baby move and he jumped at that chance. Low and behold the baby had both grown big enough for him to feel something!! His face brought joy to my heart as I watched him have a very special bonding moment with both myself and the baby.

The movement can be felt as:

Popcorn (Kicks)
A ball rolling around
Pressure changes and weight unevenly distributed in stomach
Swishing or swimming about
Or slight "shivers"
(I'm wondering if those are hiccups??)

What stuns me is feeling the baby grow in a different way now, this little one is healthy as ever and loves to show me what foods are the favorite. It kinda cracks me up seeing as most of the baby's favorites are my husband's favorites. I told my husband this baby is so much like him already when it comes to food. So far this baby LOVES, loves, loves BBQ, fruit (esp pears), pizza, meats, ice cream and as well as other various healthy foods i.e. carrots and salad... This little bug is an eater so I have moments of zero peace when it comes to hunger. This is fairly difficult at times considering I don't want to eat everything in the cotton-pickn' house! I know the grocery budget has grown and not by choice. haha Within a week I had polished off a bag of triscuts, 2 blocks of cheddar cheese, half a bag (big bag) of baby carrots, a block of fresh fudge, couple candy apples (home made), countless boxes of Cheerios (Over a period of time not just this week haha! Same with the box of Raisin Bran.) etc... I feel like a piggy. However, you would never know I eat like this... I seriously don't know where all of the 29 some lbs have gone to minus the front portion of my body and a little bit to my butt and legs. I still fit into my small maternity jeans, it's the tops and a few sports bras I'm having issues with.


Each week is a new remarkable feeling as I can tell the baby is getting stronger.
This past week I have started noticing my tummy move when the baby kicks and it is amazing, simply amazing!! I was enjoying a bubble bath the other evening when I noticed this and saw the bubbles bounce and I was hooked from there on out. Can't wait for the next 3 months of watching as this little one grows! After all, baby comes in 3 months. Time has flown!

He is a bit of a stinker for somebody still so small...

My best friend was out here for the "Baby Bath" aka Shower and he was wiggling then stopped when she tried saying hi. He has this habit I'm noticing... Moves the most for his Daddy. :)
He's also a bladder kicker and likes to sit low so it's a really interesting feeling wether sitting someplace awake or being woken up by hard kicks to the bladder and having a sudden need to use the bathroom because of it. Very odd sensation indeed. He also doesn't like it when I'm bending over or sitting in a position that might be giving him less room, he lets me know by kicking and squirming once I either sit back up or if he;s really annoyed he'll fuss while I'm still bent or leaning. Cracks me up!
He also has discovered the difference between kicking on the side that's close to the mattress vs the one that's not. He will kick harder sometimes when he feels something more than my tummy and that too makes me sit back and just enjoy these precious moments before he's born!

I'm beyond tired from my busy weekend so I'll end things here and try to catch up on other things that
are LONG over due.

Shannon <3

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