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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Protein during pregnancy

I have come to realize how much of a meat eater I am not....

They impress upon you (as I do for myself and others) how much you need protein in your diet, esp when pregnant. I will eat meat, I will eat eggs (But those push it sometimes too), I will eat peanut butter etc. But I have taken notice I will eat the meat the day it's prepped and after that if we have leftovers it's not exactly what make my tummy say, "Yaaaaay! Just what I wanted!" Esp when it comes to chicken.
I will look at it in the fridge and inwardly groan...
My brain responds with, "You know that doesn't look so great right?"
Tummy says, "Ugh yes. Peanut butter anyone?" 

I've had SO MUCH peanut butter this pregnancy.... You have no idea!!

Entering the 8th month I can feel I need more protein in my diet and my husband suggested a protein isolate based drink. You can be sure I'm talking to my midwife about this next week.
Anything to help give my system a boost!

I always do awesome in the fruit and veggie department, same with grains and dairy.
(However, I have become addicted to fruit this pregnancy!) 
Protein is where I lack it seems and thus my being tired some days.

You can study and learn incredible stuff, then it hits home for you on a different level. 
A more personal one. Or a deeper level of personal.

Here's how I know I need more:

A. I will eat grains and fruit in the morning and I'm still tired.

B. If I eat something with protein it's a swing in the opposite direction.
(Not always, but it does help)  

I would say this is my biggest struggle diet wise.

**The Mayo Clinic states a woman in her 3rd tri needs 71 grams of protein each day.
That's eating something protein based with each meal!

Here's a confession.

I have never disliked food so much in my entire life as I have since I got pregnant!

Don't get me wrong,
I love to eat and always have! Just right now it's more when it's something I've been looking forward to or have really wanted. But in general, the constant hunger and needing to snack? I was ready to break up with that food relationship almost as soon as it started. I missed eating like a "normal" person right away and it's only become more of an annoyance as the months go on. Also my appetite has been rather up an down lately so that's and odd roller coaster in an of itself. My plan of action to help aid my body is by getting a shake that's safely designed for a pregnant woman's body. 
Thus my gratefulness for having a midwife apt next Thursday!

There is also light at the end of the tunnel and a blessing for this pregnancy and me being in the 3rd tri this time of year... All of the wonderful holiday food!!! A pregnant woman's dream and one I'm happy to see fulfilled. haha It'll be truly glorious!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Shannon <3 

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