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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Didn't I just go pee??

A question our mother's would ask us before we left the house was...

Did we use the bathroom before?
Or did we have to?

As a small child it's the last thing on your mind and sometimes the most annoying thing to hear!
Cause you know if you say you don't have to you'll be told to go try anyway.
Of course we all shlumped off to the bathroom, listening to avoid any conflict.
Aaaand we usually shocked ourselves by actually having to go.

Oh childhood.

But now a different phase of life has kicked in....

You're in your 7th month of pregnancy and suddenly you're asking yourself,
"Did I use the bathroom yet??"

Cause you know, if you don't, as soon as the blasted car pulls out the the drive you'll have to go!

And we're not talking about,
"Oh, I think I have to pee...?"

No, we're talking,
"OMG! If I don't pee right now I'll wet myself!!"

Add a bladder kicking child into the mix and you barely make it walking to the bathroom some days...

My husband's nick name for me currently is "Princess Potty"
He's lucky I find him so cute. Cause normally this would annoy me.
But I can see how is must be funny to him as I will say several times while we're out,
"We need to find a bathroom!"
Or at night when I get up and go 5 times and he's a super light sleeper.
"You're seriously going pee AGAIN?!"
He would ask. Now he just chuckles if he's awake.

I must say, it's even more odd when you have the kiddo kicking your bladder as you pee. 
Made me jump the first couple times haha he's a strong kicker!
But what's really funny is when I'm sitting down doing work and he starts kicking away and I didn't know I had to pee until then... I'll fuss my body up and out of the chair and waddle to the bathroom. Sometimes very quickly.

All i have to say is, this is a very interesting part of pregnancy and it's kind of nice that people don't look at you funny when you ask for the bathroom. Cause we've all been there for asking the question and we're not pregnant and we don't have a child with us. Nope we're just standing there vulnerable and waiting for an answer. Now, people smile and point you in the right direction. It's nice and even nicer when you actually get to the bathroom and go.

And in all this talking about peeing I need to go myself!

Have a wonderful day!!

Shannon <3 

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