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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Update time: About my 2nd Trimester!

(Sorry, this is over 3 mos late!! Ugh. Computer and lack of energy issues are to blame.)

Such a wonderful thing to say,"I'm in my 2nd trimester!"
A new hair cut to bring it in! It was SO hot this summer... Ugh.

 I can feel things changing and my goodness some of it feels out of this world!! It's cool because some days I don't feel anything and I wonder what's up. Not as in worry, just as in, "Hmmm the body is feeling still today... What is next??" It's more excitement than anything!!
Esp since I'm officially not fitting in any pre pregnancy clothing.
(Minus a thing or two that I'll probably be able to wear all pregnancy long...)

I've become so sick of wearing soft yoga or sweat pants I'm glad to have maternity jeans to wear!
Makes me feel more human seeing as the entire time I was down with morning sickness I was loathing the idea of actual clothes. I would dress nicely when needed but never really looked forward to it. Now with having a small maternity wardrobe I feel like I can now continue in this adventure on a more steady note. (Or shall I say more put together.) And hello fall, here comes some cute clothing options!! 

My morning sickness has all but vanished, weeeeeeeee!!!!!
I have "ick" moments/days and still know when something food wise sounds gross but I can now focus on eating a more balanced diet. This is a true blessing! I disliked hearing how people were sick their entire pregnancies... Nobody likes to hear that. Esp since nausea is probably some of the worst crud to experience. However, Coke was a great way to ease my stomach in the long run. That and not going too long without eating. Did you know Coke was first designed as a treatment for upset tummy's?
I would make sure to have small amounts and not over do it. I'm just relieved how much it helped!

My skin, well, I'm come to realize the pregnancy hormones are going to do their own thing.
This is a huge struggle when you're an Aesthetician! 
I have learned that by enhancing my nightly cleansing routine and doing a clay mask twice weekly that my skin seems to respond on a more friendly note. Pregnancy hormones create more gunk for you to clean off at the end of the day, and if you're taking extra care to make sure you're getting it all, there are  results to be seen! I'm feeling more at ease knowing there are things you can do to help prevent stuff from getting out of control. I've never been one with skin issues...Stress made me breakout and the birth control crap did. But I had that all but cleared up. Then the pregnancy hormones kicked in full swing...
It's fairly common and many ladies talk about it online. As well as some friends I know who have had kids already. It's just part of being pregnant for some of us ladies. Just make sure to drink water, eat fresh fruits and veggies and use clean, safe skin care products!

i.e. From a fellow poster on
Foods like salmon, dark green veggies, olives, berries, strawberries, cantaloupe, and xtra virgin olive oil all contain powerful antioxidants.

I'm still pretty tired but am sleeping better (For the most part).
The congestion that comes with 30% of pregnancies has really been an issue for me.
It started out as allergies and converted into this wonderful mess of not breathing well and drainage.
Gross, I know! But oh so real and it can be awful for sleeping.
I've refused to use drugs to help me because I don't want that in my body.
I have found that by using those Breath Right strips at night I can actually sleep!
They have been a lifesaver next to my humidifier. 

I've felt growing pains in my lower abdomen for the past several weeks and sometimes it's enough to make me stop and take some time to breathe. It's nothing I can't handle, just feels really weird!
(I'd take this over throwing up any day.)
I talked to my midwife about this and did my own research, come to find it's very normal and could be felt throughout the entire pregnancy for some. I just need to not sit too long or adjust how I'm sleeping if I feel it begin to bug me. My husband also showed me a couple stretches that really help.
He's so amazing. :)

My breasts are not nearly as tender as they were before, this is wonderful!
I have learned that nursing bras are not nearly as comfortable as my Victoria Secret bras...
This is even wearing the correct size.
I can see why ladies would complain about them now.
I miss my old bras but won't bee seeing them for quite a while yet.

I'm more emotional now vs my first trimester...
I smacked my head on the freezer door and burst into tears while laughing.
Then when my husband brought me a napkin for my nose vs a kleenex I started to cry again.
It's crazy and you tend to feel really stupid. 

All part of the fun right?

I'm seeing my chiropractor weekly to help keep my body in line and ready for labor. His wife swears by it and my midwife says regular adjustments usually cut down labor time.
I'm down for that!

My cravings come and go but there's nothing really there most of the time.
I might think of something and HAVE to have it but it's nothing on a daily basis really.

My goal is to gain 10 lbs per trimester and so far I seem to be doing really good.
The blessings of being 25 is it will come off pretty quickly after baby so I'm not worried. :)

The belly did it's fair share of popping so I've included some photos for ya!

15 weeks!

18 weeks!

22 weeks!

23.5 weeks!

26 weeks!

Until the next trimester update,
Shannon <3 

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