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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Morning Sickness with #2

Well, I haven't got away from getting sick but things have been better than last pregnancy as I said before.
This is what I never snapped a shot of last pregnancy and this is taaaaame... Broken capillaries after a visit to the toilet.

Things I've learned so far:

1. I've learned protein is a HUGE help and not to eat the same thing over and over again. 

2. Plain water is not good on my stomach so unfortunately so I'm not getting my regular 100 + oz as of late. 
Gatorade is a help and I know, I know it's not the best thing since the sugar and all but it's helping.
3. Lots and lots of food aversions so when I don't feel sick nothing sounds all that wonderful.

14ish weeks :)

My chiro raised the center table for my belly since I popped and I now have people at work shocked at how much belly there is, and yes, I was flat before we got pregnant with this 2nd bundle!

My level of tired has grown even more, so I'm resting when my little is down for his naps and/or of he's playing alone and happy. 
I am able to workout between 4-10 min and if I'm consistent that's still loads better than last time!

My sleep has gotten better tho!! Praise God!! I still have ugh nights but they are much, much less!! 

Let's revisit nausea for a second...

So after my annoyance with talking to my dr about some prenatal aids to help with nausea (Out of curiosity and yes I dared to talk with them again after my frustration over the sleep help.) I decided to go for Sea Bands. They are insanely ugly but you can't be picky when you're trying to be as healthy as possible. And for those who might not know what these odd little things are they're a band for your wrist that hits a pressure point to help relieve nausea. This is good for boats, travel, morning sickness etc
I'm on my first day and so far there seems to be relief! I'm not sick with my head in the toilet but I do have that yuck not sure what I can eat or drink feeling... In fact I've gone from downing water L&R to hardly able to tolerate it. Lots of ick responses to food again like I mentioned above and I HATE that because I'm a "foody". But these Sea bands seems to help! I do notice I need more calcium, magnesium and protein and when I have that balance I feel much better.

Google search

I think some morning sickness is due to something we might be lacking in our bodies/diet, not just the hormone changes. I also believe in pushing as far past that gunk as possible and not talking yourself into being sick. I mentioned last time I can't stand hearing, "My mom was SO sick...I'm doomed!" Not really. Talk to somebody who knows their nutrition and isn't just going to pass you a script. Meds should be a very last resort during pregnancy!


These Sea Bands seem good so far and I hope they help me get at least 3 small workouts in a week or at least stay way more active than last time. *Update (Several weeks later)* They worked wonders and are worth a shot!!! Saved my tush at work even though I had darling clients telling me it was okay if I had to run and puke. So sweet :)

Shannon <3 

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