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Monday, April 7, 2014

First Trimester with Baby #2!

* The next few blogs I wrote in my first tri and seeing as I have 4 weeks left in my 2nd you'll be updated quickly!!*

12ish weeks

How am I feeling so far?:

1. Well, so far things are better on some notes vs my first pregnancy; I'm not living with my head in the toilet and I keep telling myself I won't as personal motivation. I REFUSE to live in the stupid bathroom this time!! Food adversions are still here. 

2. This time I have the WORST pregnancy insomnia. Ever. So if I thought I was tired after a long day at work and then home to be with my family and chase my peanut while he explores his world...I hadn't seen anything yet! Weighing the pros and cons this vs constant puking? I think I'd rather be sleep deprived however hellish it is. With the insomnia comes a nasty case of RLS (restless leg syndrome). I have this due to the TBI and it's becomes worse during pregnancy and this time it's showing me zero mercy. I sit and plot drinking the whole container of Natural Calm some nights. But I think I'll try upping my calcium first. :) Esp since the Natural Calm doesn't make my tummy feel all that great this time. 

3. I'm hungry but not FAMISHED like last time. I do find the hunger annoying just like last time esp since I felt it ALL during nursing and had JUST got it to end when we stopped only to turn around and start it all over again. *sigh* I do get queasy if I let it of too long. Like right now.
4. My body temp has been crazy high and that kills me at night sometimes, my husband is a giant heat producer so I in turn kill him. *slight evil grin (Payback)*  It's a vicious cycle some nights. I try to get up and move to the couch so I can at least get some sleep and let the poor hubby sleep as well. He however informs me come morning my pillow was a poor substitute. He loves me :)

Fears or concerns?:

Yes and yes.
Last time I was feeling less than ready to be a new mom, would I even be a good mom? 
To make a potentially long blog longer I am happier and more fulfilled then ever!!!
This time it's hospital/dr anxiety and the fear of another horrible birthing experience... 
When I said I'm terrified of hospitals I wasn't joking.
 I also feel like I'm betraying myself and my beliefs in birth and how I believe it was designed to go. 

In other words... 
I'm being WAY too hard on myself :)

Clothing woes:

Clothing is difficult as I was seeing results from FINALLY being able to workout again and getting back into my sexy yoga pants to my waist line freaking out already and my bellying popping. I look pregnant! Trying to hide it is tricky... Cause some shirts make me look short and "fat" haha My family says I'm crazy. So my goal is to keep a routine this time and be more active so I don't gain excess weight like last time. 
Speaking of last time and weight gain it was due to the fact I was struck but such horrid conditions with my back that I could hardly walk most days. I switched to a chiro 3rd tri who understands pregnancy to a T and even kept up seeing him after having my son. Things are looking much brighter this time so I don't see why I won't be able to at least keep up with some sorta workout routine!


Let's talk boobs for a second... 
You knew this was coming ;)
I was a perky 36 C pre baby and I liked that. A lot.

I could pick any bra from VS I wanted and walk out the door happy. *swoon* It was love!
At the height of nursing when my milk finally came in I grew to a DDD! (yipe!!)
Post nursing I dropped to a 38 D and stayed put. 
 They don't tell you that bra shopping becomes a whole new experience all together. 
A frustrating one. 
Couldn't have too much of a push-up for that sexy date next week, they'll just plain fall out if you bend over... 
I was just learning how to function with those "new" suckers too and then they up and start growing again! 
Can't a tiny girl catch a break?! 
I'm already busting out of a new sports bras I JUST bought!

God's a funny guy... Just saying.
I guess all my adolescent "grumping" is coming back to bite me in the butt.


Lost my sexy yoga pants and now I'm loosing the sports bra I bought to go with them... 
And would you believe I JUST sold my nursing tops and bras??
I thought no more kiddos to maybe another in 3 years? 
Yup. Win for me. 
The good thing is I know the momma's needed them and therefore I'm far from upset.

Talk at you later! 

Shannon <3

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