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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Confessions and Boobs

So it's time for an update again after leaving things be for a week or so!
(Remember, these are pre-written blogs as I'm almost 2 weeks away from my 3rd tri now!! Current blogs coming soon!!)
I have since battled the bathroom madness of hanging my head over a toilet, but again not as bad as last pregnancy. 
Praise God! However... My issues with eating foods and getting that yuck response is indeed worse this round. I have trouble even standing in my kitchen looking for a meal some days! Let alone my son's food sometimes KILLS me when I feed him *sigh* yay. I've had my mom feed him a couple times because I almost lost my food and she laughs at me while telling me to go lay down.
And while we're talking about things that kill me with my son, here's another... Poopy diapers. Oh. My goodness. I have a really strong diaper stomach but if you saw me lately you'd call me a liar. I have the worst time with poopy diapers and sometimes I can't even be in the same room when he's going. (My son has a gift for stink.) There was one morning my hubby brought him to me for morning cuddles and he had to take him right back because I had to run for the bathroom. I'm feeling like a pansy right now to be honest.
Can't change my kid's poopy diapers most of the time and I feel like gagging standing in our kitchen. 

I also have the return of that horrid pregnancy dry throat and that gorgeous random gag reflex. It's beautiful, let me tell you...

So my doctor and I are off to a good start and she was glad to respect my wishes for a more non invasive pregnancy. This means no internal exams unless there's a threat to me or the baby or when labor kicks in and all that jazz starts to go down. I'm very supportive of a woman who just wants to let her body go and work with it vs watching herself like pot being set to boil. Sometimes the more you're checked the higher the risk for complications during labor and delivery. Now if you're high risk to start off with there are places for things to be different seeing as safety of mom and baby are very important! 

Our first official visit consisted of getting my weight, haven't lost or gained any. Last time on my first checkup with my midwife I had already gained 10lbs! Of course peed in a cup. Talked about nutrition (Yet nothing near like what a midwife covers on that topic) and working out. Set a plan in motion for labor/delivery based off her professional opinion and she thinks it's okay to indeed try for a VBAC. Heard little 2.0's heartbeat at 164! Blood work and set up an ultrasound appt. then a follow up visit.

Google search

My bust has how shall we say this... Taken the liberty to be even more independent this time? I wish I could remove the girls and leave them home some days! As if I wasn't busty enough the first round ;) I'm in bigger trouble with this baby, no pun intended. 

I've had to take Tylenol PM more this pregnancy for survival sake. I hate drugs but this momma needs her sleep when her head is trying to murder her! I also still use Coke to sometimes aid my upset tummy when sea bands are feeling a bit constrictive. So those two things don't have me entirely proud but I am trying to be alive enough to care for a VERY active baby boy. He is all over the place and doesn't really know how to sit still some days. Sometimes he will use nap time as "personal play time" how can one sleep when she hears a chatter box in her ear?! At night I can shut it out no problem it's day time I have trouble. 

Aaaanyway, those are my "confessions", I won't hide the little details that don't make me particularly happy like I said. 
I'm very honest with you guys!
If I did a daily vlog you'd see just how real both myself and my family are.. I think we're a hoot personally! 
(We used to scare the pants of my baby sister's boyfriend;)

Shannon <3

PS. Does anybody ever have format issues here on Blogger? I go nuts sometimes! I know I'm not the best proofreader when I slam out my work but the format glitches are salt in the wound. ;)

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