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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The baby's gender!!!

I've been rather lazy about this blog lately and I deeply apologize!

Things have begun to get to a new level of crazy here and though I have a couple other blog topics started I have had zero time to finish them... Frustrating indeed. 

First off we learned the sex of the baby and we're happy to announce that it's a boy!!!
Not only was that the main guess family and friends kept saying but it's what I felt in my heart.
He wasn't shy about showing us either.  ;)

He's a strong kicker and loves to wiggle, my goodness does he ever...
I am loving this growing sensation inside and it's hard to put that type of joy into words!
His movements bring me an excitement that I will one day soon be holding him and loving him.
The first time my husband felt him was one of the most precious moments of our married life.

I have started to feel "big" and it's difficult when you're trying to get out of your bed that happens to be memory foam... I feel like a turtle. I have also found pants may fit in the butt and legs still but the belly is a different story. Baby Pase sits so low he's making my gut difficult to fit into some pants that should've taken me all the way, guess he has a different idea. Oh well, I'll at least have these pants for after before I'm back into my normal size. That shouldn't take too long but thank heavens for maternity clothes looking so amazing these days!!

I have a few set cravings I can pin point now and they are as follows:

Cream soda
Spicy foods

Those are what I'll usually want along side the regular tummy hunger savers I wrote about a few blogs back,
To say the least, I'm VERY excited about the up an coming Holidays!!!
I have noticed foods my husband loves the baby "wants"
Like father, like son.
I do still have a few "yuck" days here and there, but it's nothing I can't handle. :)

My energy has been in the toilet but the last week or so it's been ok, maybe even a little better?
Not sure. All I know is with the 2nd tri coming to a close I'm feeling an urgency to start getting things done and getting those things done on a budget is the goal.
My husband is in the home stretch with our bathroom and that has me feeling amazing as I can't wait to be able to finally use it!! One of many things I can check off my list... He's doing such an amazing job!

Continuing with my newest end of the day cleansing routine has been a life saver for my skin, I am relieved. Such a drastic change in how my skin looks now vs before. I feel more confident when I take my makeup off at the end of the day. Here's the routine I blogged about,

Water, I have been dying of thirst lately and can't seem to drink enough!
In return I am living in the bathroom some days, esp since I have a bladder boxer for a son.

Sleeping is good but it is still touch and go at times, esp since I can feel muscles starting to tense up towards the end of the day. If I can get a workout in that helps and if I remember to take what's called "Natural Calm" I'm usually good to go. I also have taken to baths as I have probably mentioned before.
I can feel my body prepping for the home stretch and I am starting to hit that point of wanting to be done...The days where my back locks up on me from all of this change are the days I'm REALLY ready for it to hurry up. My back not getting back to normal from that person who rear-ended me is making it difficult some days but I find it all worth it as there's a cuddly reward at the end of all this!

Felt a couple brax hicks last week and it was an odd feeling indeed!
Kinda felt like somebody was squeezing my insides like an orange when making orange juice. haha

I'm looking at the time and seeing I need to get a move on if I'm going to be accomplishing anything today... i.e. stuff I forgot about yesterday. 

Have a blessed day!

Shannon <3 

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