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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hormone surges and practicing for labor

I've realized something this week...

When the baby has a huge growth spurt and my hunger grows along with it, I also notice my tummy will feel slightly blah as well. There's a hormone surge each growth spurt and with that I think my stomach just doesn't know how to fully handle it. It's taken me a few rounds to really figure this out.
I don't get sick which is a huge blessing. I just take it easy and do what I need to do to keep my body happy. i.e. Eating before I get starving and keeping something with me in my purse and trying to stay as hydrated as possible!

I'm feeling really good all the way around, just insanely tired and I have a goofy muscle that likes to lock up in my back. The same side every time due to it being the baby's favorite place to camp out. A warm bath feels AMAZING and has been my favorite thing to do!! I have never been so addicted to water before. Gives me time to just let go and relax, which is great practice for labor.

Speaking of practicing for labor, I started trying different stretches and body movements while working out when I have the energy. I'm using my focus in a different way and breathe evenly (This is what I've learned with some of my head injury stuff that pops up now an then.). If I feel my back locking up I'll walk it off and find different ways other than a bath to help ease the discomfort. Mainly, relaxing and letting my body do what it needs to and asking somebody to rub that area. Esp since Kyle and I have opted out on birthing classes. Can't let things like this be left for last min prepping!

"Ride the wave and let your body take over. Just remember to RELAX!"

I saw that on a post from a mom who said that was the only thing that saved her butt during labor.
Many moms have expressed the same so we're feeling pretty confident.

Pretty sure I've mentioned some of this before, but as always I ask for forgiveness as I may say things a few times. Some days I feel mentally disconnected and wow haha it's weird.

I'm enjoying this stage of my life even if it does come with a few uncomfortable ticks now an then. :)

Life is good!

Shannon <3 


  1. I see tiredness is a common theme for your pregnancy, as I'm sure it is for most women. I never gave that any thought until now. Sometimes, I am already so tired. I can't imagine what it must feel like it be creating a life inside you. Obviously, that can suck all the energy out of you at times! Hopefully you can get more used to the hormone surges. That does not sound like a walk in the park!

  2. Tiredness is very much a daily thing haha unless its like today where I feel pretty good energy wise! Some ladies feel really good their 2nd tri others still worn out. My mom didn't have energy till her 3rd tri when her "nesting" instinct kicked in. Hoping it's the same for meee!
    And the hormone surges are the oddest thing, they make you feel like a bug or something is working on you but you know you don't. My midwife says they effect everybody differently and each pregnancy can be different. If we decide to have another there's a chance I could have loads of energy next round! It's all in how your body's reacting to the creation of life. :) It can be confusing and frustrating at first esp if you're healthy and used to workout 4 days a week. I workout still but def not as much :/