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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Swelling during pregnancy...

Every now and then I look down at my feet and see little pudgy toes wiggling back at me...

I remembered my midwife and mom saying to really watch that as it can be a sign of more serious conditions such as Preeclampsia which did happen to my Aunt when she carried my one cousin. And another thing to watch for is morning swelling when you wake up vs at the end of the day when you might've been on your feet all day. This too may indicate something's wrong, but not always. It just something to keep and eye on and a great way to do this is to watch if you can get your wedding ring (or any other ring your might wear on a regular basis) off and on without struggle. Yay for me I can still wear my wedding ring!

I did however notice swelling when I woke and asked my midwife about it and she said as long as there's no pitting and or you can still see your ankles all is well. In fact, in your 3rd tri and if you eat a higher salt based meal you may wake up a little puffier than you did pre pregnancy. Unless you retain water easy then it may be nothing new, I never really have.

Another thing my midwife reminded me of was the fact your body has produced more blood to help grow/support your baby and that it's perfectly natural to look a little "fuller" in various areas of the body. (4000 to 5600 mL roughyl) This is pretty much my case unless I do indulge on a little too much salt which I usually do a good job at not over eating now that I'm past the months where you need extra. It's not hard :) Esp since I've had a sweet tooth vs salty taste haha Thanks to the Hubs and his genetic side feeding the baby. I blame him ;)

So rules of thumb for swelling: 

1. Remember your blood volume has increased.

2. It may be due to way too much salt intake that increased water retention. 
(Think of how much water do you normally retain or don't retain)

3. No pitting is a very good sign!
(Same with being able to still seeing your ankles)

4. Watch your body, if you suddenly wake or rapidly gain weight get in touch with your midwife or health care provider! Better safe than sorry.

5. How do your wedding rings fit or don't fit?
(It's a good thing if they still fit!) 

6. If you swell, keep your feet up for a bit and relax while hydrating. 

Here are a few extra tips from another blogger

Have a great evening!
Shannon <3

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