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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The "Don't touch me!" mood during pregnancy...

I'm sure you've heard pregnant ladies talk about how they feel the need for more personal space during the time they carried a child? If not, you will.
Just keep your ears open to their conversations...

 Some are worse than others and some never feel that way.
There is a very definite mood change during certain times during pregnancy that are so odd even you yourself don't know what to do with how you're feeling! Mine is enhanced due to the TBI and that's a whole different ball game some days/nights. But, when you feel out of it and you want your space it's such an intense sensation at times you feel like curling up into a ball and just allowing the blankets enfold your changing body and let a nap or sleep for the night just take you away for a bit. 

My husband is very affectionate and caring so he's usually one to pass by me and brush my cheek, grab me for an embrace or kiss etc. After I became pregnant and the hormones REALLY started to kick in, which for me was in a matter of days after conception haha Yeah, I was one that felt different a few days after. I suddenly wanted more space some days and even didn't feel like cuddling at night while we read, talked or watched a movie on his laptop. 

This was weird.
Cause I do enjoy being close!

However, now I felt like personal space was my best option and there was nothing he could do about it. I hated that upset look on his face when I'd tell him "Not too close" or "I just don't want a kiss right now" and so on... I learned to word things differently pretty quickly but I do forget now an then if I'm overly tired or my back is killing me.
The man is a trooper, I am so proud of him!

This has been and off an on thing my entire pregnancy, a bonus is you can read about it in many pregnancy references both in books and online. They even give a rough timeline of when you'll most likely feel this way too which is helpful if you're feeling lost and confused.

**The best, best thing to do is to make sure you're resting and drinking enough water, keeping those lines of communication open between you and your Hubs even midwife or medical professional. The only thing I'd be wary of is if your doctor would try to put you on meds for this... Run, don't walk!

Here's why I say this:
Ladies who have taken stuff such as Zoloft are now filing law suits due to their babies having heart problems etc... We truly don't know the extent of what drugs do to a growing baby while they're inside. None are officially safe, only considered safe.
Considered isn't good enough for me.

There are true medical issues for some but do your research and learn, learn, learn!

It's nice to pin point when you're feeling yuck, heck it hits out of the blue too!

Just remember, there's a bundle cooking who can't wait to meet you :) Not to mention your husband may just be trying to show you how much he loves you and how your changing body is such a joy for him as he waits along side for baby to come.

Have a glorious evening,
Shannon <3

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