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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Care Down There... (PBVS's)

I've realized I still have first pregnancy blogs to write and wanted to slap this one together before my son wakes up! Fingers crossed... I doubt it, I hear him stirring... One moment please... ;)


There are still some things I'd like to touch on for you beautiful future mommies!
This one may be TMI for some and others not to much.
Just depends on your personality I guess :)

I would like to touch on post baby care for down below...

Have you thought of this yet?


Now's the time because if you're like me, you didn't think you'd end up having a C section.
Yup, you still need to give down there some TLC even after a c/s!

Here are my PBVS's:
(Post Baby Vaj Savers)

1. I would suggest investing in some large and VERY absorbent liners and/or using as many as the hospital gives you. Heck, ask for more to stalk up before you leave!
(You'll need it.)

2. Either make, buy/use witch hazel wipes. 
These will help you feel clean and help ease any inflammation.

3. Once you're past the super tender part and/or your bleeding has slowed you can use basic wipes for female care. (Again, make or buy.) These are a life saver for feeling clean and refreshed!

4. Shower or bathe in a tub when needed or desired. 
Baths with herbs and Epsom salts that are for post baby care esp!
(I had to wait 6 weeks till I could enjoy a bath after my c/s)

5. Some mommas have sworn by making witch hazel dampened liners and freezing them if you had a vaginal birth; I didn't but I've heard stories that made me file this away as another PBVS! 

** If you had a c/s you may want to get a shower bench to help out since standing is sometimes VERY painful! They're sold at any Wally Word, Walgreens, Target etc

Hope this offered some help :)

Shannon <3 

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