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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nursing Bras (from Motherhood Maternity)

I've officially decided nursing bras are nothing like regular ones when it comes to comfort.
It's the more sporty look that tends to not only fit better but it has more comfort in the long run.
Very few that look like a normal bra are actually worth wearing or can be worn for long periods of time. Now this is my opinion, some of these may actually work for you! You lucky woman :)

Here are the bras I bought from Motherhood:

(One in black, the other nude)

The rules are very simple and quite easy to follow thus I didn't see any issue in buying them when I did. Spent more than I wanted but hey, I thought it would work. Wrong. Very wrong.

The rules are as follows:

1. Make sure the band around and clip are comfortable enough that you can be clipped on the tightest hook. This allows for ribcage expansion as it's bound to happen as baby grows.

2. Your cup size will double in most cases, some more (Me for instance). Make sure when being fitted you can fit 3 fingers inside the cup to allow room for the milk once it comes in. 

**The first on our list looks sexy on and is great minus the awful stays in the sides! Those caused major bruising after one day and so I took them out and it fit better but the cup size is now way too small and the band is also to small. In fact I had to buy expanders right off the bat because cup size and band size juts couldn't be matched to fit my body. What do you do with a small girl who has fast growing boobs?

**The 2nd I only used once as the cup size fit well at the time and I adjusted the band with the expander but the underwire also gave way for nasty bruising right on top of my stomach. I decided I'd wait to wear it once the baby had dropped and he was on his way out. I was even going to cut out the underwire because this is yet another sexy looking nursing bra! To my dismay I couldn't even dream of fitting the girls in this puppy... Not. Even. Close. 

**The 3rd option was by far the most annoying out of my purchase! This bra only fit for a short amount of time and then the straps started to fall off my shoulders, the band size fit fine with the expander but it lacked fitting in the straps and I had them as tight as they'd go. The cup size in the last month has been getting smaller and smaller thus causing more issues with the straps. It also gives way for the underside to start cutting into me after a day of use. Making an already tender situation a little more irritated.

The bras that I actually fit in are 2 I bought at Target and they aren't even for nursing. I just wanted something cheap and comfy. But now with the baby due any day I'm seeing a need to go and invest in some more bras... Yay! Did I mention the ones I picked up from Target are an XL?

I'm all about the deal I can score and with nursing not being a lifetime commitment I don't see why I should pay above a certain amount, call me crazy. Target, Motherhood and other stores all cost about the same or more. I don't mind a certain price outside of nursing bras but I know I'll have that bra for awhile and it's more of a commitment. I don't plan on being a mom who nurses past the age of 1, if I'm still nursing near his first birthday that is. I'm thinking more along the lines of 9 months then weening.

I'm envious of you ladies who fit in these designs I'm talking about! 
So my plan of action is to probably go with the more sporty rout and possibly try another of that grey laced one and take the stays out once again to prevent bruising. Who knows but at least I have an idea and I'm not feeling so lost like I was a few hours ago. 

Hopefully this was found to be a somewhat helpful for somebody I just felt like I needed to do some processing... Thanks for listening :) 

Shannon <3 


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